RAS/RTS Exam Solved Question Paper 1991

Rajasthan Admin Services(RAS/RTS) Examination Solved Question Papers year 1991 for General Knowledge(GK) and General Science.  RAS/RTS Paper 1991 contains total 120 Questions.
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1. What is the % of female literacy rate as per census 1991
Ans: 20.84%.
2. Which artist of rajasthan has been awarded recently by Central sangeet natak academy for developing a special method for teaching disabled childrens in Kathak.
Ans: Pt. Durga Lal
3. Which of the following is the center of British News papers:
Ans: Fleet Street.
4. The first primary in the US Presidential election process takes place in:
Ans: New Hampshire
5. India has refused to sign NPT on the ground of:
Ans: It is discriminatory in Nature
6. The headquarter of the euripean Economic community is at:
Ans: Brussels

7. Hussain Ibrahim Zaki was recently taken over as secretary general of South Asian association for regional cooperation to which country he belongs:
Ans: Maldives.
8. Which of the following fair is correct:
A. Keny - Campos
B. Argentina - Pampas
C. Venezuela - Savannas
D. USA - Steppes
Ans: B
9. Which of the following pairs is correct:
County    --------  Capital
Venezuela - Cayenne
New Zealand - Christchurch
Zaire - Kinhasa
Iceland - Bergen
Ans: C
10. The second scientific research station of India on antarctica continent called "MAITRI" was established in 1988. the main task of this research center are:
Ans: Marine Biology
11. River Volga falls in:
Ans: Caspian sea
12. The mountain range of southern Alps are located in:
Ans: New Zealand
13. The Central Ganga Authority(CGA), which was setup in 1985 to clean the polluted stretches of ganga river, has established two centers to analyses water quality, these centers are located at: 
Ans: Rishikesh and Patna
14. Kapil Dev's 400th test victim was:
Ans: Mark taylor
15. Which of the following agencies has its HQ. in Rome:
Ans: ILO
16. The US Senator Larry presser recently suggested for a US Sponsored camp david type summit between Indian and Pakistan. What does camp david mean:
Ans: It is a philosophy of Mutual co-operation
17. By establishing full diplomatic relation with Israel, India:
Ans: Would be able to play a more meaningful role in west asia
18. What is hemoglobin:
Ans: A substance found in Human blood.
19. What would happen if the pancreas is defective:
Ans: Digestion will not take place properly.
20. Assertion Role (A): The west desert district of rajasthan have abundant food crop today.
Reason Rule (R): The indira gandhi canal has provided mean of irrigation in most part of Jaisalmer and Barmer.
Ans: Assertion is Wrong, Reason is also wrong.
21. Rajasthan has a abundance of rock phosphate and gypsum but is poor in coal resources, In order to have chemical fetilizers it would be profitable to:
Ans: Establish benefication plants of rock phosphate and gypsum in rajasthan.
22. The longest river which flows entirely in Rajasthan state is:
Ans: Banas
23. The most important cause of forest degradation in Rajasthan is:
Ans: Climatic changes
24. The most important resources of lignite in rajasthan are located at:
Ans: Palana, Kapurdi and sonu
25. The highest perentage of livestock animals in rajasthan is that of:
Ans: Goat
26. Indian Govt. Has established some biosphere reserves in country.  Which of the following reserve was established first:
Ans: Nanda devi
27. In the African Zambia there are huge resources of copper but the country has not yet progressed economically because it has:
Ans: No sea port.
28. The main objective of the east india company on signing the subsidiary alliance with rajput states are:
Ans: To establish British supremacy
29. The main aim of akabar in fighting the battle of Haldighati was:
Ans: to Subdue rana pratap
30. Which of the following hydro projects has build by india in co-operation with Bhutan:
Ans: Chukka Dam
31. In 1991 census the lowest population growth rate in Rajasthan remained in the district of Pali, Ajmer and Chittorgarh, The main reason for this law growth rate is:
Ans: Law birth rate
32. What is the % of outlay on power sectore on the rajasthan’s annual paln of 1991-92
Ans: 27.2%
33. The average per capita income is highest in the state of:
Ans: Haryana
34. The national development Counsil(NDC):
Ans: Reviews the workin of National Plans
35. Operation Flood is connected with:
Ans: Milk Production
36. Which is the most crucial issue that affect the level of economic activities in all the major sectors of economy, Rajasthan Namely, agriculture, industries and quality of life of people:
Ans: Wide spread illiteracy
37. The organization which participates in large and medium scale industries through term loans and participation for industrial development in Rajasthan:
38. Which is the mineral stone that fetches maximum total sale value in rajasthan:
Ans: Sand stone
39. What has been the % share of agriculture state income of rajasthan by industrial origin in 1989-90
Ans: 40.8%
40. The annual per capital income at current price in rajasthan in 1990-91 was estimated to be:
Ans: 3595
41. The first ancient civilization which evolved a proper system of writing was:
Ans: Egyptians
42. The USA entered the Second world war in 1941 instead of 1939 mainly because:
Ans: the bombardment of pearl harbor
43. The first peasant movement of india was:
Ans: Champaran
44. The youngest martyr in the struggle for freedom was:
Ans: Hemu kalani
45. Which took on ancient india has been translated into 15 Indian and 40 Foreign languages:

Ans: Panchatantra
46. Colors in a color television are produced by a combination of three basic colors:
Ans: Red, Yellow, Blue
47. The resistance to electric current in semiconductors at absolute zero becomes:
Ans: Infinite
48. Which of the following metals important for the point of nuclear energy is found plenty in india:
Ans: Thorium
49. What would happen if some objects is thrown into the space with a velocity of 8KM per second.
Ans: It would start orbiting round the earth
50. Density of wate is highest at temp. of:
Ans: 4 degree C
51. Deficiency of the fllowing vitamin causes the disease of slow blood clotting:
Ans: Vitamin K
52. LPG is mixture of:
Ans: Butane, Hydrogen and Methane
53. Which of the following Acids does not contain oxygen:
Ans: Hydrochloric Acid
54. What would happen if no control rods are used in an Operating Nuclear reactor:
Ans: The chain reaction will go out of limits
55. Raman Effect deals with the light rays passing through:
Ans: Only Prisms
56. Which of the following statement is correct about atomic structure:
Ans: Protons and neutrons are in nucleus and electrons rotate around nucleus.
57. Match the following words
Kubhkonnam – Death due to falling of wall.
Bada – Class massacre
Kalahadi – Death due to hunger
Gadhwal - disaster earthquake
58. “though ashoka accepted Buddhism, he did not renounce Hinduism”, this is provided by his:
Ans: Tutle of Devanampriya
59. Which two ancient civilization had a symbol of ZERO:
Ans: Mesopotamians and Egyptian
60. Tha  jyanpith award winner for 1990 prof. vinayak Krishna gokak is eminent writer in which of following language:
Ans: Kannada
61. To whom of the following the Jawaharlal Nehru award for international understanding for 1990 was given:
Ans: Dr. Helmut Kohl
62. The Planning commission of the govt. of india decided to opt for one of the following growth rate for the eighth plan:
Ans: 5.6
63. On which subject has the report of the M. Narsimhan committee has presented recently:
Ans: Banking reform
Ans: Action plan against ULFA extremist in assam by Defense forces.
65. Huin Tsan is remembered even today mainly because he:
Ans: Wrote Si Yu Ki
66. The oldest Bihar in India is:
Ans: Nalanda
67. Which kingdom in ancient india was famous for Navy
Ans: Chola.
68. Match the following:
Arthur Dunkel – Director General GATT
Lerry presslor – American senator
Miss Karla Hills – America’s trade representative
Lavis Preston – Chairmen World Bank
69. The country which declared to separate itself from Non-Aligned Movement is:
Ans: Argentina
70. Dovas(Switzerland) was in the news recently because of:
Ans: The annual world economic forum symposium took place.
71. Genetic characters of a living being are transferred to the offspring by:
Ans: Chromosomes
72. In which of the following organs bile is stored:
Ans: all bladder
73. The process of photosynthesis in green plant involves:
Ans: Intake of CO2 and Release of Oxygen.
74. No. of registered factories in rajasthan in year 1990 is approx.
Ans: 9900
75. Sambhar lake produces the following share of salt production in India:
Ans: 8.7%
76. The female-Male ratio in rajasthan in 1991 when compared to 1981 is:
Ans: Has decreased slightly
77. The most important basis of “Bhagirth Yojana” initiated by govt. of rajastha is:
Ans: Self-motivation
78. Mahi-Bajaj sagar project covers the following area:
Ans: Rajasthan and MP
79. “GOPAL YOJANA” has been implemented by govt. of rajasthan in 10 district of:
Ans: South-east Rajasthan
80. The share of rajasthan in net irrigated area of India is:
Ans: 7.7
81. In India geo-thermal energy is now being produced at:
Ans: Gwal-Pahari
82.Foof-work and productivity was the slogan in:
Ans: Seventh Five year plan
83. Equal sized of wood, iron and was are dropped on earth from same height, which will first reach the earth surface:
Ans: Iron.
84. Which of the big wild cats is reported to have recently disappeared from India
Ans: Cheetah
85. Which of the following  pair is correct:
Ans: AP – Vishakhapatnam Oil refinery
86. In which district of rajasthan, the state govt. organizes the highest no. of cattle fair:
Ans: Nagaur
87. Himachal dam is now being built over the river sutluj, the main purpose to build the dam is:
Ans: Check the flow of slit in bhakhra dam
88. Whis is the name of the river on the baks of which the capital of frace-Paris is situated:
89. Which of the following nationa park/Sanctuary is known as the “World Nature Heritage” :
Ans: Keoladeo National Park, Ghana
90. Second Zinc Smelting plant in rajasthan is being constructed in:
Ans: Chanderia (Chittorgarh)
91. The indira Gandhi canal project (Stage-I) is having irrigation potential in 1990-91 of:
Ans: 5.7 lakh ha.
92. Major thrust of the JAWAHAR ROZGAR YOJNA is on:
Ans: Creating additional wage employment opportunity in rural area.
93. The maous painter of Mughal empereor akbar was:
Ans: Daswant
94. The main purpose behind the celebration of eater festival by the Christians is:
Ans: Resurrection of Jesus
95. the bank which is not classical:
Ans: Garba
96. Dunkel proposal relate to:
Ans: Intellectual property Rights.
97. the annual rate of inflation in india for calander year 1991, based on monthly average of wholesale price idex stood at:
Ans: 14.2%
98. The most important aspect of folk song is:
Ans: Preservation of traditions
99. The fusion of Indian and Iranian architecture can be traced in:
Ans: Masoleum of  sher shah.
100. Who among the Four Scientist from Rajasthan was elected FRS:
Ans: Dr. DS Kothari 
101. Which feature of the earth motion causes change in weather:
Ans: Rotation around the sun
102. Lunar eclipse occurs when:
Ans: The earth is between the sun and the moon.
103. The super thermal electric plant established by NTPC in west Bengal is situated at:
Ans: Farrakka
104. Where is the central sheep breeding center located in rajasthan:
Ans: Avikanagar
105. Which is the most important objective of the policy of land reform in rajasthan:
Ans: To increase agriculture produces in the state.
106. the concept of Minimum Need Programme(MNP) is synonymous with:
Ans: Infrastructure development approach
107. In rajasthan the production has more than doubles during last four years in which of the following:
Ans: Oilseeds
108. The major object of Indian five year plan is:
Ans: Self reliance and reduction of dependence of foreign aid.
109. Which aspect of Muncipal administration of today is continuing since the period of Mauryans:
Ans: Registration of Birth and deaths.
110. Name the school of painting in which stress is given on birds and animals:
Ans: Bundi School
111. Name the rajasthan painter who was awarded national prize by lalit kala academy in 1992
Ans: Sunil Ghukduyal.
112. Rag Kapadrum was written by:
Ans: Radhakrishna
113. The main religious center of vallabh sect in rajasthan is:
Ans: Nathadwara
114. The common goal of life for both Buddha and Mira was:
Ans: World is full of sorrow.
115. the runeja fair of rajasthan is remarkable for a contented society because it:
Ans: Promotes communal harmony.
116. which arture of rajastha has got Arjuna Award:
Ans: Ram Lal (1989) , limba ram (1991)
117. 25th Olympic games will be held this year at:
Ans: Barcelona
118. what is basic characteristic of antigens:
Ans: They stimulate the formation of antibodies
119. The greenhouse effect is the process:
Ans: of heating of the atmosphere by absorption of indrared radiatons by atmospheric carbon dioxide.
120. Which of the following is not biodegrade?
Ans: Plastic. 


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