Major Ocean Currents of the World, Tips to Remember

List of Major Ocean Currents of the World, Trick to RememberMajor Ocean Currents of the World is one of Subtopic under Geography of World and India which is one of main 11 Topics in RAS Pre Examination as per RAS Exam New Pattern from 2013, RAS 2016 and so on. will cover Notes on all topics of RAS Pre, Mains for RAS and other competitive examinations.
An ocean current is a continuous, directed movement of seawater generated by forces acting upon this mean flow, such as breaking waves, wind, the Coriolis effect, cabbeling, temperature and salinity differences, while tides are caused by the gravitational pull of the Sun and Moon.
Ocean currents classification based on their depth are 
1. Surface currents constitute about 10 per cent of all the water in the ocean, these waters are the upper 400 m of the ocean.
2. Deep water currents make up the other 90 per cent of the ocean water.

Ocean currents classification based on Temperature
1. Cold currents bring cold water into warm water areas. These currents are usually found on the west coast of the continents in the low and middle latitudes and on the east coast in the higher latitudes in the Northern Hemisphere.  Major Cold Current Are following
1. California Current

2. Humboldt (Peru) Current
3. Canaries Current
4. Benguela Current (Warm/Cool)
5. Okhotsk Current Current
6. West Australian Current
7. West Wind Drift
8. South Atlantic Current
9. Falkland Current
10. Labrador Current

2. Warm currents bring warm water into cold water areas and are usually observed on the east coast of continents in the low and middle latitudes. In the northern hemisphere they are found on the west coasts of continents in high latitudes.

 1. North Pacific Drift
 2. North Equatorial Current
 3. Equatorial Countercurrent
 4. South Equatorial Current
 5. West Wind Drift
 6. Gulf Stream
 7. North Atlantic Drift
 8. North Equatorial Current
 9. Equatorial Countercurrent
10. South Equatorial Current
11. Brazil Current
12. West Wind Drift
13. Monsoon Current
14. Equatorial Countercurrent
15. South Equatorial Current
16. Mozambique Current
17. West Wind Drift
18. Japan Current
19. North Equatorial Current
20. Equatorial Countercurrent
21. South Equatorial Current
22. East Australian Current

Tips to Remember: Just Remember the Cold current as they are lesser in Number, Rest all are warm currents. Here is Tips to Remember 10 Major Cold Ocean Currents. 

California Human Can be Ok in Australian Wind with Lab SoFa.
California Current
Humboldt (Peru) Current
Canaries Current
Benguela Current (Warm/Cool)
Okhotsk Current Current
West Australian Current
West Wind Drift
Labrador Current
South Atlantic Current
Falkland Current

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