RAS/RTS Exam GK, GS Paper 1995

Rajasthan Admin Services (RAS/RTS) PRE Examination Solved Question Papers of year 1994 for General Knowledge(GK) and General Science held on 10-December 1995.     
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1. An unknown gas dissolve readily in water. The solution turn red litmus blue. The gas react with dydrogen chloride to produce white fumes. The unknown gas is:
A. Sulphide Dioxide
B. Nitric Oxide
C. Ammonia
D. Carbon Monoxide
Ans: C
2. In developing a Photographic Plate:

A. Sodium thiosulphate is used as reducing agent
B. Free bromine is liberated
C. The exposed portion oxidised most rapidly
D. It is left in the developer till all bromide is dissolved
Ans: D
3. The study of Functions, Characteristics and phenomena observed in the living world and the application of this knowledge to the world of Machines is known as:

A. Bionics
B. Bionomics
C. Bionomy
D. Biometry
Ans: A
4. A branch dealing with the scientific description of individual culture is known as:

A. Ethnology
B. Ethnography
C. Ethology
D. Ethics
Ans: A
5. A workman was working on the rail track. A young boy at a distance hold his ear near the rail track. This boy was able to hear sound of blow of workman twick. it is because of:

A. The speed of sound is greater in steel than in air
B. The speed of sound is greater in air than in steel
C. Part of the sound wave is reflected between the rail track
D. His ear are at different distances from the source.
Ans: A
6. Alternating current is Not suitable for:

A. Charging storage batteries
B. Running electric motors
C. Transmitting electric powers
D. Heating electric toasters

7. Active acquired immunity is the result of the production of:

A. Antibodies
B. Vaccines
C. Serums
D. Filterble viruses
Ans: A
8. Which of the following characterstics separates man from all other primates:

A. Exhibition of curiosity
B. Degererating sense of smell
C. Opposite thumb
D. Projecting chin
Ans: A
9. Which of the following is considered to be mos recent:

A. Heiderberg man
B. Cro Magnon Man
C. Pilt magnon man
D. Neanderthal Man
Ans: B
10. Which of the following is the first to break the proper sequence:

A. Fertilized egg
B. Gastrula
C. Blastula
D. Foetus
Ans: A

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