Quiz 9: Sports Questions 2012

Sports Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) 2012 for RAS, IAS, Bank Examinations and other competitive Exams
1. Ranji winner of year 2011-12 is:
(A) UP
(B) Mumbai
(C) Rajasthan
(D) Delhi
Ans: (c)
2. Narain Karthikenyan is the sportsman in the field of—
(A) Formula One Car Racing
(B) Shooting
(C) Chess
(D) Golf
Ans : (A)
3. At present Who is heading Sports Ministry in Rajasthan Govt:
(A) Harjiram burdak
(B) Beena Kak
(C) Asho Gehlot
(D) Bharat Singh
Ans : (c)
4. Fund alloted in Budget 2012-13 for Sports & Youth Welfare is:
(A) 45 Crore
(B) 38 Crore
(C) 83 Crore
(D) 33 Crore
Ans : (B) 
5. Usain Bolt, The 100-metres race world record holder is from which countries ?
(A) Jamaica
(B) U.S.A.
(C) Canada
(D) Nigeria
Ans : (A) 

6. The 20th Commonwealth Games will be held in 2014 in—
(A) Jaipur
(B) Kolkata
(C) Glasgow
(D) Mumbai
Ans : (C) 
7. Highest individual run score in an ODI:
(A) Sachin Tendulkar
(B) Ricky Ponting
(C) Virendra Sehwag
(D) Brain Lara
Ans : (C)
8. Which of the following Trophies/Cups is associated with the game of Golf ?
 (A) Iran Cup
(B) Padmawati Trophy
(C) Topolino Trophy
(D) V. C. Gupta Trophy
Ans : (C)
9. OTIS is brand name of—
(A) Software
(B) Shoes
(C) Lifts and elevators
(D) Sports
Chemicals and paints
Ans : (C)
10. Australian Open 2012 Men's Doubles winner is:
(A) Leander Paes / Radek Stepanek
(B) Leander Paes / Mahesh Bhupati
C) Mahesh Bhupati / Bethanie Mattek
(D) Mahesh Bhupati / Radek Stepanek
Ans : (A)
11. The International Cricket Council (ICC) awarded the right to host the Cricket World Cup - 2011 to three countries jointly. Which of the following is not amongst these four countries ?
(A) India
(B) Pakistan
(C) Bangladesh
(D) Sri Lanka
Ans : (B)
12. “Crown Prince Cup Basketball” in which India won a Bronze Medal was organized recently in—
 (A) India
(B) Thailand
(C) China
(D) Japan
Ans : (B)
13. Who amongst the following won the Australian Open 2012 Men’s Singles Tennis Cup held January 2012 ?
 (A) Roger Federer
(B) Novak Djokovic
(C) Bob Bryan
(D) Vera Zvonareva
Ans : (B)
14. Which of the following countries won Sultan Azlan Shah Hockey Tournament 2011 ?
 (A) Australia
(B) Argentina
(C) Malaysia
(D) Pakistan
Ans : (A)
15. Colombo cup is associated with the game of—
 (A) Hockey
(B) Basketball
(C) Football
(D) Cricket
Ans : (C)
16. Which of the following terms is not related with the game of Hockey ?
 (A) Follow on
(B) Tie breaker
(C) Hat trick
(D) Half volley
Ans : (A)
17. Mr. Alan Issac who is newly appointed Vice-President of the International Cricket Council (ICC) is from which of the following countries ?
 (A) New Zealand
(B) South Africa
(C) England
(D) Australia
Ans : (A)
18. The term ‘Beamer’ is associated with—
 (A) Football
(B) Hockey
(C) Cricket
(D) Chess
Ans : (C)
19. Of which country is Bull-fighting the National game?
 (A) Spain
(B) Japan
(C) Portugal
(D) Poland
Ans : (A)
20. The 2012 Olympic Games will be held at:
(A) Beijing
(B) Montreal
(C) Atlanta
(D) London
Ans : (D)