RAS/RTS Exam GK Solved Question Paper 2010

Rajasthan Admin Services (RAS/RTS) PRE Examination Solved Question Papers of year 2010 for General Knowledge(GK) and General Science.   
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1.  1 Fourth buddhist council held in Kashmir under emperor:
A. Ashoka
B. Kala Ashok
C. Kanishka
D. Ajatshatru
Ans: C
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Fourth Buddhist Council was held in the Sarvastivada tradition, said to have been convened by the Kushan emperor Kanishka, in 78 AD at Jalandhar or in Kashmir.
2. Which place is situated between valley of Ghagghar and its tributaries:
A. Aalamgirpur
B. Lothal
C. Mohan Jodaro
D. Banawali
Ans: D
3. During Mourya period the Tax on Land was collected by officer:
A. Agronomai
B. Shulka-adhyaksha
C. Sita- Adhyaksha
D. Aka-Adhyaksha
Ans: C
4. During Gupta Period, Gujarat, Bengal, Deccan and Tamil is center of:
A. Cloth Production
B. Jewellary
C. Handicrafts
D. Afeef cultivation
Ans: A
5. During Sangam period Kon, Ko and Mannan is synonyms of:
A. Prime Minister
B. Finance Minister
C. Army Chief
D. King
Ans: D
6. "Ashta Diggaj" name is used for king:
A. Shivaji
B. Krishna dev rai
C. Rajendra -I
D. Yashovardhan
Ans: B

7. First Murti-Pooja(idol worship) in India was done for:
A. Brahma
B. Vishnu
C. Buddha
D. Shiv
Ans: C
8. Write of Book "Kitab-Ul-Hind" is:
A. Hasan Nizami
B. Minhas us siraj
C. Albaruni
D. Shams-A-Siraj afif
Ans: C
9. During Akbar period Land revenue system "Ain-A-Dahsala" was developed by"
A. Shahnawaj Khan
B. Abdul rahim Khankhana
C. Todarmal
D. Mullah Do Pyaja
Ans: C
10. "God know only good things of Human not his Caste, In next world there will not be any caste" This belongs to which scent:
A, Ramanand
B. Dadu
C. Nanak
D. Ramanuj
Ans: C
11.First three Universities (Kolkata, Mumbai, Madras) was etablished in year:
A. 1857
B. 1881
C. 1885
D. 1905
Ans: A
12. 1924 Congress adhiveshan was held under chairmanship of Mahatma Gandhi at:
A. Gaya
B. Amritsar
C. Belgaon
D. Kanpur
Ans: A
13. On 14th July 1942, "BHARAT CHODO ANDOLAN" was passed at:
A. Bombay
B. Vardha
C. Lucknow
D. Tripura
Ans: A
14. 19th century's main Parsi Socialite is:
A. Jamshed Ji
B. Rustam Bahramji
C. Nawaji Tata
D. Bahramji M Mallbari
15. Find the Unmatched from following:
A. Mahi Bajaj sagar - Gujarat and Rajasthan
B. Chambal Pariyojna - Rajasthan and MP
C. Vyas Pariyojna - Rajasthan, Punjab and Haryana
D. Indira Gandhi Canal - Rajasthan and Punjab
Ans: D
16. Chota Nagpur plateau is known for:
A. Skilled workers
B. Minerals
C. Hydraulic Power
D. Fertile Soil
Ans: B
17. State with Highest Minerals exploration is:
A. Karnataka
B. Kerala
C. Maharashtra
D. Tamilnadu
18. Tamilnadu-Andhrapradesh coastal area is known as:
A. Coromandel
B. Malabar
C. Konkan
D. North Sarkar
Ans: A
19. Rain during winter in Tamilnadu is because of:
A. Western Vikshob
B. South-West Mansoon
C. North-East Mansoon
D. South-East Mansoon
Ans: C
20. Maximum area of Manipur is:
A. Plain
B. Hill
C. plateau
D. Marsh (DALDAL)
Ans: B
21. Western Himalay is known for:
A. Forest
B. Metalic Minerals
C. Non-Metalic Minerals
D. Atomic Minerals
Ans: A
22. Kapili River is tributary of Following river:
A. Gnga
B. Gandak
C. Kosi
D. Brahmputra
Ans: D
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