RAS Pre 2013 Answer Key, Solved Paper with Answers

RAS Pre Exam 2013 Answer Key, Solved Question Paper: Rajasthan Public Service Commission (RPSC), Ajmer today, 26th October 2013 successfully conducted Rajasthan Admin. Services (RAS) Combined Competitive Prelims Examination 2013 on 26th October 2013 (Saturday), 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM (3 Hour) at all district headquarters of Rajasthan. Now candidates are looking for Answer Key, Solution, Solved Paper of RAS PRE 2013, Question Paper in PDF, Solution, Question wise Answers for Rajasthan GK, India GK and Aptitude Test Questions asked in RAS Pre 2013 Examination. The Official Answer Key of Examination is issued by RPSC, Ajmer on 19th November 2013 of  RAS Pre 2013 Examination for SET A, B, C and D. 
Candidates are advised to visit: RPSC Official Portal www.rpsc.rajasthan.gov. or below link for Answer key. Till Now you can share Question in comment & Discuss the Answers provided here.
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RAS PRE 2013 OFFICIAL ANSWER KEY (Released on 19th Nov. 2013)
RAS PRE Exam 2013 Answer Key, Solved Question Paper:
Q.1 Who among the following has called the District collector as "Institutional Charisma" ?
1. Rajni Kothari
2. PR Daubhashi
3. TN Charturvedi
4. JD Shukla
Q.2  Which among the followin matter the state PSC is not consulted ?
1. Method of recruitment of civil services in state.
2. on the principle to be followed in making appointment to civil services in state
3. on the principle to be followed in making promotion and transfer fro one service to another
4. Making transfer of civil servants
Ans: 4

Q.3 Consider the juridiction of lokayukta in rajasthan and select correct answer by using code given below ?
A. Only Ministers
B. PR Dubhashi
C. TN Chaturvedi
D. JD Shukla
1. A AND C
2. B AND C
3. A,C AND D
4. B,C, AND D

Q.4 Which one of the following is NO the function of the state Human Rights Commission ?
1. Enquire suo-motu the violation of human right
2. Visit any jail
3. Review the protection of Human Right
4. To punish for the violation of human right
Ans: 4 

Q.5 Biodiversity Hotspot in India are the ?
i. Eastern Ghat
ii. Western Ghat
iii. Eastern Himalaya
iv. Western India
Ans: B (ii AND iii)

Q.6 Which of the following committee is related to the estimation of poverty in India ?
1. Vijay Kelkar Committee
2. Suresh Tendulkar committee
3. SP Gupta committee
4. Lakdawala committee
Ans: 2

Q.7 The name of Karkhana of jaipur state where the artist made painting and miniature was ?
1. Toshakhana
2. Sutarjaba
3. Suratkhana
4. Jawarkhana
Ans: 3

Q.8 From where did fareed, later who becae sher shah suri, got his education from ?
1. Sahsaram
2. Patna
3. Jaunpure
4. Lahore
Ans: 1

Q.9 Which group of mineral represents non-ferrous metals ?
1. Nickel, Zinc, Copper, Aluminium
2. Nicketl, Aluminium, Iron ore, Zinc
3. Copper, Pig Iron, Nicketl, Steel
4. Nickel, Carbon steel, Aluminium, Zinc
Ans: Wrong Question as Nickel, Iron and Copper are Metals.

Q.10 Which one of the following pair is correctly matched ?
1. Parshvanath - Janatrika
2. Bindusara - Shakya
3. Skandgupta - Maurya
4. Chetak - Lichchhawi
Ans: 3

Q.11 The great sanskrit poet and dramatist, rajshekhar lived at the court of ?
1. Raja Bhoj
2. Mahipal
3. Mahendrappala-1
4. Indra-III
Ans: 3

Q.12 Which of the railway connecting the following two stations has been recognized as heritage railway line by unesco ?
1. Siliguri and Darjeeling
2. Allahabad and Varanasi
3. Mumbai and Thane
4. Amritsar and Ludhiana
Ans: 1

Q.13 Minieral in rajasthan like Gypsum, Rock-Phosphate and Pyrites are essentia for the manufacturing of ?
1. Chemical Fertilizers
2. Cement
3. Drugs
4. Sugar
Ans: 2

Q.14 According to Article 25 of Constitution, Right to Freedom of Religion is NOT subjected to ?
1. Public order
2. Health
3. Morality
4. Humanism
Ans: 4

Q.15 At Panchayat Level, who has been notified as Public hearing officer for matters other than revenue by Rajasthani Government ?
1. Gram sewak
2. Patwari
3. Sarpanch
4. Ward Panch
Ans: 1

Q.16 In Rajasthan, a Gram Sabha Consist of ?
1. Elected member of village panchayat
2. Executive committee of the village panchayat
3. Registered Voters of the village / villages in the panchayat circle
4. All residents of the village / Villages in the panchayat circle
Ans: 3

Q.17 In which article of Indian constitution the procedure for adoption of official languages of state is given ?
1. 343
3. 345
4. 346
Ans: 1

Which of the following list of awardees of Rajasthan Ratna 2013 Award ?
Ans: 2. Late Gavri devi, Late kailash Sankhla, Pandit ranarayana and Late Nagendra Singh

Which group of steel plants were established in India after independance ?
Ans: 3. Bhilai, Durgapur, Raurkela

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