RAS/RTS Exam Paper 1998 Solved GK, GS

Rajasthan Admin Services (RAS/RTS) PRE Examination Solved Question Papers of year 1998 for General Knowledge(GK) and General Science(GS). For all Previous year RAS/RTS Papers(1991-2010) visit: RAS Exam Previous years Papers or You can follow us on FACEBOOK OR GOOGLE+ 
1.Which district has Highest Population growth during 1981-1991:
A. Jaipur
B. Banswara
C. Bikaner
D. Ajmer
Ans: C
2. According to census 1991, the % of SC, ST in rajasthan:
A. 17.29 AND 12.44
B. 13.84 AND 6.77
C. 1729 AND 13.82
D. 12.44 AND 6.77
Ans: A
3. The main cause of frequent drought and famines in rajasthan is:
A. Degradatin of forests
B. Irrational use of water
C. Erratic Rainfall
D. Soil Erosion
Ans: C
4. Natural Mustard Research Center is situated at:
A. Alwar
B. Nagour
C. Sewar
D. Behror
Ans: C
5. Som, Kamla, Amba irrigation Project is situated in district of:
A. Dungarpur
B. Banswara
C. Udaipur
D. Chittor
Ans: A
6. Two district of rajasthan without river are:
A. Jaisalmer,Barmer
B. Jaisalmer, Jalore
C. Bikaner,Churu
D. Jodhapur, Jaisalmer
Ans: C

7. Which gas is used for filling baloons used for Meteorological Observation:
A. Oxygen
B. Carbon-dioxide
C. Methane
D. Helium
Ans: D
8. Measles(KHASARA) disease is caused by:
A. Virus
B. Fungi
C. Bacteria
D. Mycoplasma
Ans: A
9. Which one of the following is used for determining the structure of crystal:
A. Gamma Rays
B. X-Rays
C. UV Rays
D. Visible Lights
Ans: B
10. Which one of the following is a true fish:
A. Star fish
B. Jelly fish
C. Hag fish
D. Sea horse
Ans: D
11. Lichens are composite organishms made up of:
A. Fungi, Bacteria
B. Fungi, Algae
C. Fungi, Bryophyta
D. Algae, Bacteria
Ans: B