Quiz 7: Census 2011 Objective Questions and Answers

QUIZ 6: Rajasthan and India Census 2011: Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for RAS/ RTS/ IIIrd Grade Teachers Exam from Rajasthan Census 2011, as it is expected that atleast 1-2 Question will be asked from Recent Census 2011. Here comes the Objective Questions from Census 2011 topic, Hope you Like it.  Those who want to explore more on Census 2011 data can visit: Census 2011 Official website of India and Rajasthan Govt. http://censusindia.gov.in/ and http://www.rajcensus.gov.in/ resp. You can follow us on FACEBOOK OR GOOGLE+
1. Population of Rajasthan as per Census 2012:
A. 5.8 Crore
B. 6.8 Crore
C. 6 Crore
D. 6.6 Crore
2. Which district has highest Female Literacy:
A. Ajmer
B. Jaipur
C. Kota
D. Jhunjhunu
3. Which district has lowest Female Literacy:
A. Jaisalmer
B. Sirohi
c. Jalore
D. Banswara
4. Highest Urban Population Growth as per Census 2011 recorded in:
A. Jaipur
B. Kota
c. Alwar
D. Ajmer
5. The lowest Urban Population growth as per Census 2012 recorded in:
A. Jaisalmer
B. Barmer
C. Banswara
D. Dungarpur
6. Highest Rural Population Growth as per Census 2011 recorded in:
A. Jaipur
B. Jodhpur
c. Kota
D. Jaisalmer
7. The lowest Rural Population growth as per Census 2012 recorded in:
A. Kota
B. Jaisalmer
C. Barmer
D. Ajmer
8. The Urban population % in Rajasthan as per Census 2012 is:
A. 23.4%
B. 24.9%
C. 26.8%
D. 21.3%
9. Which districts of Rajasthan has Urban Population, more than Rural Population:
A. Jaipur and Kota
B. Kota Only
C. Jaipur Only
D. No such district
10. Gender ratio in rajasthan as per Census 2011:
A. Small decrease
B. Small Increase
C. No Change
D. Abrupt decrease
11. Total No. of villages in Rajasthan as per Census 2011 is:
A. 41,353
B. 44,672
c. 42,552
D. 49,556
12. Electricity available as per Rajasthan Census 2011 in Houses:
A. 70%
B. 93%
C. 67%
D. 73%
13. Which fuel is mostly used in Households for cooking
B. Fire-Wood
C. Kerosene
D. Cow-dung cake
14. Sex ration(0-6 years) in Rajasthan:
 A. Increases
B. Decreases
C. Significant Incline
D. Significant Decline
15. Literacy rate of Rajasthan as per Census 2011 is:
A. 60.4%
B. 67%
C. 65
D. 71%
16. Population of India as per Census 2011 is:
A. 121 Crore
B. 110 Crore
C. 115Crore
D. 125 Crore
17. Which district recorded Highest Population as per Censu 2011
A. Jaipur
B. Ajmer
C. Barmer
D. Jaisalmer
18. Population of Jaipur as per Census 2011 is:
A. 66 Lakh
B. 80 Lakh
C. 60 Lakh
D. 76 Lakh
19. Population density of Rajasthan as per Census 2011 stood at:
A. 167
B. 201
C. 225
D. 197
20. Which of the following statement is correct as per Census 2011 data:
A. Jaipur district is having highest literacy rate
B. Churu recorded increase in literacy rate
C. Only Barmer Recorded decrease in literacy rate
D. Churu and Barmer recorded decrease in literacy rate.
21. Lowest literacy rate in India as per Census 2011:
A. Rajasthan
B. Bihar
C. Nagaland
D. Jharkhand
22. Lowest Female literacy rate in India as per Census 2011:
A. Rajasthan
B. Bihar
C. Nagaland
D. Jharkhand 
23. State/UT having Minimum population as per Census 2011 is:
A. Sikkim
B. Daman and Diu
C. Lakshdweep
D. D&N Haveli
24. Which Distirct in India is Having Highest Population as per Census 2011:
A. Jaipur
B. Thane
C. Bhopal
D. Varanashi
25. Sex Ration of India as per Census 2011:
A. 933
B. 940
C. 927
D. 945 

Answer Key:
1. B 6,8621012
2. C Kota (66.32%)
3. C Jalore (38.73%)
4. C. Alwar (50.43%)
5.D. Dungarpur (9.8%)
6. D Jaisalmer (34.95%)
7. A. Kota (6.05%)
8. Ans: B (24.89%)
9. A Kota(60.3%) and Jaipur (52.51%)
10. B. Sex ratio 2011 is 926 as compare to 921 in 2001
11. B
12. C
13. B FireWood (61.81%)
14. D Decline by 26% to 883(2011) from 909(2001)
15. B 67.06%
16. A. Population of India as per Census 2011 is 1,210,193,422
17. C Barmer (32.55%)
18. A Population of Jaipur District as per Census 2011 is 66,63,971
19. A
20. D literacy rate fall in Churu District (67.59% to 67.46%) and Barmer District (58.99% to 57.49%)
21. B Bihar (63.82%)
22. A Rajasthan (52.66%)
23. C Lakshdweep (64429)
24. B Thane(Maharashtra0 1.10 Crore
25. B


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    1. We dont have book as Census 2011 data was released 6 month back, Better use Official website for Census Indian and Census of Rajasthan

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