World Geography QUIZ - Questions and Answers

World Geography QUIZ:  Multiple choice questions (MCQs) based on World Geography are asked in various examinations like RAS, IAS, IES, IRS and SSC conducted by RPSC, UPSC and other state level PSCs. Here is collection of top Frequently asked Questions(FAQs) from World Geography as part of QUIZ TIME.  
1. The equator passes through ?
A. Ethiopia
B. Kenya
C. Nigeria
D. Sudan
Ans: B
2. Which one of the following is the largest Producer of Petroleum in South America ?
A. Argentina
B. Brazil
C. Colambia
D. Venezuela
Ans: B (Earlier Venezuela was largest producer, but recent oil discovery makes Brazil biggest producer)
3. Willy-willy is the tropical cyclone occurring in ?
A. China sea
B. Caribbean sea
C. Coast of North west Australia
D. Guld of Maxico
Ans: C
4. When it is 12 Noon in Allahabad, the time in Wellington, New-zealand would be ?
A. 4:30 PM
B. 4:30 PM of previous day
C. 6:30 PM
D. 6:30 PM of previous day
Ans: C
5. As we g up towards higher altitudes, the temperature decreases, the normal lapse rate of roughly 1 degre C is observed for the how many meters ?
A. Every 100 M
B. Every 265 M
c. Every 285 M
D. Every 165 M
Ans: D
6. Which one of the following is NOT an alpine range of mountain formed during tertiary Period ?
A. Alps
B. Himalayas
C. Andes
D. Arawali
Ans: D

7. The VOLTA River project is located in ?
A. Nigeria
B. Sudan
C. Ghana
D. Republic of Cango
8. The place where Blue Nile and white Nile effect a Confluence is ?
A. Port said
B. Cairo
C. Khartoum
D. Alexandria
Ans: C
9. The Glacial Control theory of coral reefs has been put by ?
A. Vesuvius
B. Stramboli
C. Etna
D. Vulcan
10. International date line passes through ?
A. Baffin bay
B. Bering strait
C. Denmark strait
D. Hudson bay
Ans: B
11. The innermost layer of the earth is known as ?
A. Lithosphere
B. Mesosphere
C. Asthenosphere
D. Barysphere
Ans: B
12. The highest average salinity amongst the following seas is reported from
A. Dead Sea
B. Red Sea
C. Black Sea
D. Mediterranean Sea
Ans: A
13. Which one of the following basins experiences the conventional rainfall ?
A. Azamon
B. Ganga
C. Hwang Ho
D. Mississippi
Ans: A
14. Which plant is known as MORNING STAR and EVENING STAR ?
A. Venus
B. Mercury, Venus
C. Venus
D. Mars
Ans: C
15. DAYAKS are ?
A. A Buddhist minority in northern Afghanistan
B. An Ethnic community in Indonesia
C. An insurgency outfit in Cango
D. A red Indian aborigine tribe in peru
Ans: B
16. Great barrier reef is situated along the coast of ?
A. Australia
C. Canada
17. The Homolographic projection has the correct representation of
A. shape
B. area
C. baring   
D. distance
Ans: B
18. The great Victoria Desert is located in
A. Canada
B. West Africa
C. Australia
D. North America
Ans: C
19. The environmental temperature lapse rate per 1000 M of ascent is ?
A. 4.6 C
B. 5.8 C
C. 6.4 C
D. 6.8 C
Ans: C
20. Which one of the following towns does ot lie in Mediterranean region ?
A. Algeres
B. Barcelona
C. Sofia
D. Rome
Ans: C
21. Which one of the following country was admitted as 189th member of UN in sept. 2000  ?
A. Nauru
B. Palau
C. Tonga
D. Tuvalu
Ans: D
22. The intersecting lines drawn on maps and globes are
C.geographic grids
D.None of the above
Ans: C
23. The habitats valuable for commercially harvested species are called
A. coral reefs
B. sea grass bed
C. hot spots
D. None of the above
Ans: B
24. Which is largest producer of Bauxite in world ?
A. Argentina
B. Australia
C. Brazil
D. South Africa
Ans: B
25. Extreme slow down-slope motion of Soil or rock fragments under gravity because of Continual or seasonal agitation of particles is called ?
A. Creep
B. Earth flow
C. Saltation
D. Solifluction
Ans: C
26. Which one of the following experiences the least annual range of temperature ?
A. Arctic circle
B. Tropic of Capricorn
C. Tropic of Cancer
D. Equator
Ans: D
27. The largest glaciers are
A. mountain glaciers
B. alpine glaciers
C. continental glaciers
D. Piedmont glaciers
Ans: C
28. Which country is largest producer of Sugar ?
B. India
C. Cuba
D. Brazil
Ans: B
29. When a tide enters the narrow and shallow estuary of river, the front of the tidal wave appears to be vertical wing to the polling up of water of the river aainst the tidal wave and the friction of the river bad . the appropriate name of this vertical wall is ?
A. Tidal Current
B. Tidal Bore
c. Tidal bulge
D. Tidal Loop
Ans: B
30. Which one of the following is NOT a Baltic state ?
A. Belarus
B. Estonia.
C. Latvia
D. Lithuania
Ans: A
31. YURTS are:
A. A Nomadic tribe of middle east
B. A type of milk prepration
C. A tent of animal skins of the mnadic tribes of central asia
D. A Type of Land form found in desert
Ans: A
32. OLD FAITHFULS is a ?
A. Geyser in the USA
B. Volcano in hawaii
C. Waterfall in venezuela
D. Place in carebian saa
Ans: A
33. Which one of the following clouds has tht greatest vertical extent wHich brings conventional rain accomplished by Lightning and thunder ?
A. Altocumulus
B. Cirocumulus
C. Cirrostratus
D. Cumolonimbus
Ans: D
34. Which one of the following tribe is NOT related to India ?
A. Masai
B. Apatani
C. Jarawa
D. Santhal
Ans: A
35. Rosewood, Mahogany and ebony are essentially obtained from ?
A. Montane subtropical forest
B. Tropical rain forest
C. Tropical moist deciduous forest
D. Tropical dry deciduous forest
Ans: B
36. Land of white elephants ?
A. Tanzania
B. India
C. Thailand
D. Srilanka
Ans: C
37. a CATARACT is a
A. Huge water fall
B. Marshy creek
C. Mountain pass
D. Currency
Ans: A
38. Which one of the following term for natural vegetation is associated with Siberia ?
A. Selvas
B. Taiga
C. Pampas
D. Savanna
Ans: B
39. which one of the following cities is assciated with river Mekong ?
A. Hong kong
B. Phnom Penh
C. Shanghai
D. Yangon
Ans: B
40. Which one of the following is a Land-locked country ?
A. Cambodia
B. Laos
C. Thailand
D. Vietnam
Ans: B
41. Which one of the following is Largest desert ?
A. Australian
B. Gobi
C. Kalahari
D. Atacama
Ans: A
42. Which one of the following countries does not boarder Brazil ?
A. Argentina
B. Bolivia
C. Uruguay
D. Ecuador
Ans: D
43. What is the name of wins that blow from the subtropical high pressure belts towards the subtropical low pressure belts ?
A. Easterlies
B. Trade Winds
C. Westerlies
D. Western Disturbances
Ans: C
44. Which one of the following regions has the largest area of the wheat production ?
A. Asia
B. Europe
C. North america
D. South america
Ans: A
45. In the world India is one of the major producers of which one of the following Minerals ?
A. Copper
B. Lead
C. Chromium
D. Zinc
Ans: C
46. Which country is largest cutting ad polishing center of diiamonds in the world ?
A. Belgium
B. France
C. India
D. SOuth Africa
Ans: C
47.Port of East London is located at ?
A. England
B. Ireland
C. East coast of USA
D. South Africa
48. Commercial fishing is best developed in ?
A. China
B. Japan
C. South africa
D. Russia
Ans: B 
49. Which one of the following is Longest countinuous mountain range in the world ?
A. Himalayas
B. Andes
C. Rocky Mountains
D. Alps
Ans: B
50. Which one of the following countries does not border with Mediterranean Sea ?
A. Algeria
B. Mauritania
c. Morocco
D. Tunisia
And: B
51. "Gate of tears" is ?
A. Scotland
B. Jerusalem
C. Australia
D. Central Asia
Ans: B
52. "Land of Morning Calm" refer to
A. Japan
B. Korea
C. Taiwan
D. Netharlands
Ans: B
53. "Sick man of europe" is the nick name for ?
A. Rome
B. Turkey
C. Italy
D. Oxford
Ans: B
54. Cambodia was earlier known as ?
A. Mauritania
B. Persia
c. Kampuchea
D. Jimbabwe
Ans: C
55. Loti is curreny of ?
A. Burundi
B. Libya
C. Sudan
D. Lesotho
Ans: D


  1. I think largest producer of suger should be Brazil. here you mention India as asnwer which may be second largest.

  2. Very good questions your post helped me a lot! :) Although you didn't put an answer for number 16...