States of a Matter

States of matter (पदार्थ की अवस्थायें):  States of matter are the distinct forms that different phases of matter take on. Matter normally have Three classical states, while some Non-Classical states, so we discuss two of these non-classical states also.
1. Solid
2. Liquid
3. Gas
4. Plasma:
The fourth state of matter is plasma. Plasma is an ionized gas, a gas into which sufficient energy is provided to free electrons from atoms or molecules and to allow both species, ions and electrons, to coexist.
5. BEC (Bose Einstein Condensate): The collapse of the atoms into a single quantum state is known as Bose condensation or Bose-Einstein condensation is now considered a 5th state of matter. Bose-Einstein condensate, which can be thought of as the opposite of a plasma. It occurs at ultra-low temperature, close to the point that the atoms are not moving at all.