RAS Pre 2016 Answer Key, Question Paper, Cut Off

RAS Pre 2016 Answer Key, Question Paper, Possible Cut Off, Solutions for Exam held Today, 28th August 2016: RPSC, Ajmer Today, 28th August 2016 conducted Rajasthan Admin. Services (RAS) Prelims Examination 2016 (Sunday) at all district headquarters of Rajasthan. RAS Pre 2016 Answer Key, Question Paper, Possible category wise Cut Off for GEN, OBC, SBC, SC, ST, PWD and other category with Solutions is uploaded below to share and discuss with friends on Facebook, WhatsApp and social Media. 
The main portion and question in RAS Pre are: Aptitude Questions, Rajasthan GK, India GK, World GK and Current Affairs, Paper was slightly easy than RAS Pre 2016 so expecting 10-15% higher cut-off as compare to last year paper.

RAS PRE 2016 Resuts declared on 15th September 2016

Check RAS Pre 2016 Official ANSWER Key issued by RPSC, Ajmer on 30th August 2016.

Check RAS Pre 2016 Full Paper Solved

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  • RAS Pre 2016 Expected Cut Off, Category wise: :
    • Gen/OBC Cut Off = 76-83
    • SC Cut Off = 72-78
    • ST Cut Off = 70-77
    • PWD-L = No separate cut-off
    • PWD-V-H = 45-55
    RAS Pre 2016 Answer Key, Solved Question Paper:
    How many times President Rule has been imposed in the state of Rajasthan till 30th June 2016 ?
    A. 6 times
    B. 5 times
    C. 4 Times
    D. 3 Times
    Answer: C. 4 Times (President Rule in Rajasthan)

    Delimitation commission of 1952 had determined the strenght of Rajasthan Legislative assembly as ?
    A. 188
    B. 200
    C. Three MLA for each district
    D. 160
    Answer: D (The strength of the Rajasthan Legislative Assembly which is determined by delimitation Commission, was 160 in 1952 and presently stands as 200 after many more recommendations of the same Commission.)

    Before the appointment of Shri Kalyan singh ass the governor of Rajasthan who among the following was the acting governor of the state ?
    A. Ram Naik
    B. OP Kohli
    C. Margaret Alva
    D. Ram Naresh Yadav
    Answer: A (Ram Naik work as Governor of Rajasthan with additional charge from 7 August 2014 to 4 September 2014, while Kalyan Singh took charge on 4th September 2016.

    Among the following, whose tenure has been the longest as the chairman of RPSC ?
    A. DS Tewari
    B. Mohammad Yaqub
    C. CR Choudhary
    D. Yatindra Singh
    Answer: A ( DS Tewari was RPSC Chairman for 7 years from 8th August 1951 to 20 January 1958)

    The procedure of Impeachment of the President of India is 
    A. Legislative 
    B. Judicial
    C. Executive
    D. Quasi-Judicial
    Answer: D (The word 'Impeachment' is an origin of British convention which means to remove a Government official without any official agreement and after the impeachment conviction has been provided to that official. In India, it is a quasi-judicial procedure and President can only be impeached on the ground of violation of the Constitution.)

    When was Rajasthan Information Commission constituted ?
    A. April 18, 2007
    B. April 18, 2008
    C. April 18, 2005
    D. April 18, 2006
    Answer: D (Rajasthan Information Commission (RIC) was constituted by the state Government of Rajasthan with installing Shri M.D. Kaurani, as the first Chief Information Commissioner on April 18, 2006.) In the history of Rajasthan Legislative Assembly till 30 June 2016, How many times the confidence motion has been moved and discussed ? Please discuss.

    Select the correct Answer:
    State Election Commission of Rajasthan
    A. a constitutional authority
    B. a statutory Authority
    C. A unit of election commission of India
    D. an executive authority
    Answer: C
    ECI Website says: State Election Commissions constituted under the Constitution (Seventy-third and Seventy-fourth) Amendments Act, 1992 for each State / Union Territory are vested with the powers of conduct of elections to the Corporations, Municipalities, Zilla Parishads, District Panchayats, Panchayat Samitis, Gram Panchayats and other local bodies. They are independent of the Election Commission of India.

    How Many times elections have been held for Panchayati Raj Institution in Rajasthan till 2015 ?
    A. 9 times
    B. 5 times
    C. 10 times
    D. 8 times
    Answer: D

    A. a programme to de-addict all the wine users
    B. a programme to de-addict all the doda post users
    C. all of above
    D. a programme to de-addict all the tobaccco users
    Answer: B. (नया सवेरा Scheme in Rajasthan)

    Mukhyamantri Nishulk Dava Yojana in Rajasthan was launched on ?
    A. 2 October 2011
    B. 2 September 2011
    C. 2 October 2010
    D. 2 September 2010
    Answer: A (Mukhyamantri Nishulk Dava Yojana in Rajasthan)

    Which of the following external agency is providing financial assistance for Rajasthan Renewable Energy Transmission Investment Program ?
    A. Asian Development Bank
    B. World Bank
    C. KFW Germany
    D. Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)
    Answer: A
    Check Details: http://www.adb.org/projects/documents/mff-rajasthan-renewable-energy-transmission-investment-program-ippf

    How many district Industries centres are working in Rajasthan
    A. 31
    B. 36
    C. 29
    D. 33
    Answer:B (There are 36 District Industries Centres (DICs) working in the State and 7 District Industries Sub-Centres at Abu Road, Balotra, Beawar, Falna, Kishangarh, Makrana and Neemrana have also been set up to cater to the needs of small scale industries of the area. Headquarter office of the Department is situated at Udyog Bhawan, Tilak Marg, Jaipur. )

    One of the following is not the Objective of Chief Ministers Subh Laxmi Yojana in Rajasthan
    A. to encourage registration of Girl child birth
    B. to promote the birth of girl child
    C. to help pregnant girls
    D. to prevent child marriage
    Answer:  C

    The Chemical Formula of Baking Soda is ?
    A. Na2CO3
    B. CaCO3
    C. NaHCO3
    D. Ca(OH)2
    Answer: C

    The ancient city which is mentioned in the Mahabharata and Mahabhashya both?
    A. Viratnagar (Bairath)
    B. Madhyamika (Nagari)
    C. Raidh
    D. Karkot
    Answer: B

    The inscription which proves the influence of Bhagwat Cult in Ancient Rajasthan is?
    A. Ghatiyala Inscription
    B. Besnagar Inscription of Heliodorous
    C. Buchkala Inscription
    D. Ghosundi Inscription

    Who amongst the following scholars was not in the court of Kumbha?
    A. Tilla Bhatt
    B. Muni Sunder suri
    C. Muni Jin Vijay Suri
    D. Natha
    Answer: C

    With which of the following areas of Rajasthan the alibakshi khayal is associated?
    A. Karauli
    B. Chidawa
    C. Alwar
    D. Chittor
    Answer: C

    Shankariya dance of rajasthan is related to?
    A. Kalbeliya
    B. Bhil
    C. Sahariya
    D. Terahtali
    Answer: A

    Which of the following pairs is correctly matched?
    A. Pundrika Vitala – Raagmala
    B. Pandit Bhavbhatt – Sangeetraj
    C. Kumbha – Ragakalpadrum
    D. Ustad Chand Khan – Ragachandrika
    Answer: A

    Which of the following is not correctly matched?
    A. Begun – Ram Narayan choudhary
    B. Bundi  - Naynu ram Sharma
    C. Bijoliya – Vijay Singh Pathik
    D. Bikaner – Narrotam Lal Joshi
    Answer: D

    What is the meaning of Patta Rekh in the history of Rajasthan?
    A. Expected revenue
    B. Military tax
    C. Export-import tax
    D. Begar
    Answer: A

    Where was the headquarter of Shekhawati Brigade Located?
    A. Sikar
    B. Jhunjhunu
    C. Khetri
    D. Fatehpur
    Answer: B

    Which one of the following newspapers of pre-independence rajasthan was not the promoter of arya samaj ideology?
    A. Desh Hiteshi
    B. Janhitkarak
    C. Prapkarak
    D. Rajputana Gazette
    Answer: D

    The latest android Mobile operating system 6.0 is named as ?
    A. Lollipop
    B. Kitkat
    C. Jelly Beam
    D. Marshmallow
    Answer: D (Marshmallow is Android Mobile Operating system 6.0, However latest 'Version in Android 7.0 launched in July 2016 named 'Nougat'. But here Correct answer is D. 

    Which district has become the first one in India to get connected to the High speed Rural Broadband Network ?
    A. Idukki District of Kerala
    B. Bangalore District of Karnataka
    C. Pune District of Maharashtra
    D. Vidisha District of MP
    Answer: A

    DRDO has developed a drug named, LOKOSKIN. It is being used in the treatment of ... ?
    A. Lung cancer
    B. Leukemia
    C. Leukorrhea
    D. Leucoderma
    Answer: D (Source DRDO Website )

    Since 1997-98, which statement is correct regarding Minimum Support Price (MSP)?
    A. MSP is independent to C2 Cost
    B. MSP<C2 costs
    C. MSP>C2 costs
    D. MSP=C2 cost
    Answer: C ( Minimum Support Price (MSP), C2 Cost, C3 Cost and CACP Methodology)


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