QUIZ 2: Rajasthan GK Question and Answers

QUIZ 2: Rajasthan GK Question and Answers
1. The highest number of state level animal fairs in Rajasthan are held in the district?(A) Jhalawar
(B) Nagour
(C) Barmer
(D) Hanumangarh
2. Which one amongst the following is incorrect?(A) In the western part of Rajasthan generally salty lakes are available
(B) Sambhar lake is the biggest salty lake in India
(C) Nakki lake is the deepest lake in Rajasthan
(D) Rajsamand lake is 64 kilo meters from Udaipur and it is in Udaipur district
3. Mewa-nagar in Rajasthan is famous for?(A) Jam temple of Parshwanath
(B) Exports of dry fruits
(C) Production of cumin seed
(D) Exports of Kathputli items
4. Gang canal, is among the oldest canals was constructed byMaharaja Ganga Singh in?
(B) 1927
(D) 1932
5. Which one of the following is incorrectly matched?(A) Mahi Bajaj Sagar Project— Gujarat and Rajasthan
(B) Chambal Project—Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh
(C) Beas Project.—Rajasthan, Punjab and Haryana
(D) Indira Gandhi Canal Project—Rajasthan and Punjab
6. Which one among the following statement is ‘incorrect’ ? New Industrial and Investment Policy of Rajasthan 2010 is introduced and it states that—
(A) During next five years 51 lakh persons will get employment
(B) 13 sectors are more important to be focussed
(C) Land will be available to industrialists on easy terms
(D) Incentive will not be accorded to Private Public Partnership

7. Rajasthan State Industrial Development and Investment Corporation (RIICO) has signed an MoU with a Japanese company for establishment of Japanese units in Neemrana Industrial area. That Japanese company is?
(A) Jetro
(B) Hetro
(C) Honda Cial
(D) Mitsubisi

8. Which automobile company has been allotted 600 Acres land of Khuskheda (Bhiwadi) for manufacturing cars?
(A) Ford
(B) Toyota
(C) Honda Cial
(D) Volkswagen

9. 14 N.E.L.P. Blocks, 1 J. V. Blocks,2 Nomination Blocks and 4 C.B.M. Blocks are related to:
(A) Gypsum belt
(B) Gold belt
(C) Petroleum Exploration
(D) Lignite belt

10. Which train was introduced for tourists with the help of Railway
Ministry in Rajasthan on January 11,2009?
(A) Princely Rajasthan on wheels
(B) Royal Rajputana on wheels
(C) Great Rajputana on wheels
(D) Royal Rajasthan on wheels

11. The great famine known as ‘Chhapania-kal’ among Rajasthani people occurred during—
(A) 1899-1900 AD
(B) 1905-1906 AD
(C) 1956-1958 AD
(D) 1888-1889 AD

12. The district through which 70°E longitude passes is?
(A) Jodhpur
(B) Jaisalmer
(C) Dholpur
(D) Nagaur

13. The district having North-South elongation, is?
(A) Jhalawar
(B) Bhilwara
(C) Chittorgarh
(D) Jhunjhunu

14. An approximate area of Rajasthan covered under western desert, is?
(A) More than 60%
(B) Less than 30%
(C) 40%
(D) 50%

15. ‘Chhappan’ basin is in the district of ?
(A) Alwar
(B) Banswara
(C) Pali
(D) Tonk

16. The lowest air pressure in the month of June in Rajasthan is probable in the district o? (A) Bundi
(B) Baran
(C) Jaisalmer
(D) Rajsamand

17. River Khari is part of the drainage system of?
(A) Arabian Sea
(B) Inland drainage
(C) Indeterminate drainage
(D) Bay of Bengal

18.Kahrani in Bhiwadi came into news recently because of ?
(A) Saint Gobain Glass Factory
(B) Divya Pharmacy
(C) Toyota Motors
(D) Rajiv Gandhi Rural LPG Distribution Plan

19. National Institute of Ayurveda, an autonomous body of Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India is located at?
(A) Udaipur
(B) Jodhpur
(C) Banswara
(D) Jaipur

20. One amongst the following is not true?
(A) New investment policy is introduced by State Government recently
(B) 30 per cent deductions on sales tax to continue for 10 years
(C) 20 per cent subsidy will be provided on new employment
(D) Previous policy was introduced in 2008

21. Who was the first historian who wrote about ‘Feudalism’ in Rajasthan during the 19th century?
(A) Col. James Tod
(B) Dr. L. P. Tessitori
(C) George Grearson
(D) John Thomas

22.Who was the famous ruler of Mewar who repaired the fort of
(A) Rana Ratan Singh
(B) Maharana Kumbha
(C) Rana Sanga
(D) Maharana Raj Singh

23. The famous historian of Rajasthan who was also a social
reformer was?
(A) Mankaran Sarda
(B) Harbilas Sarda
(C) C.K.F. Waltier
(D) Jamnalal Bajaj

24. The longest folk song of Rajasthan is associated with
which of the following Lok Devis /Devtas?
(A) Jeena Mata
(B) Aai Mata
(C) Mallinathji

25. Who was the ruler of a state in Rajasthan who played a very significant role in the establishment of Banaras Hindu University?
(A) Maharana Fateh Singh (Udaipur)
(B) Maharaja Ummed Singh (Jodhpur)
(C) Maharaja Man Singh-II (Jaipur)
(D) Maharaja Ganga Singh (Bikaner)

26. Who was made the Raj Pramukh of united Rajasthan which came into existence of March 25, 1948?
(A) Maharaja of Dholpur
(B) Maharaja of Karauli
(C) Maharao of Kota
(D) Maharaja of Sirohi

27. Sariska and Ranthambore are the reserves for which of the following animals?
(B) Deer
(D) Bear

28. Recently the Bank of Rajasthan has been merged with?
(A) H.D.F.C.
(C) State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur
(D) State Bank of India

29. The first cooperative society in Rajasthan was established in
1905 of?
(A) Bhinai in Ajmer district
(B) Jaola in Nagour district
(C) Gulabpura in Bhilwada district
(D) Bassi in Jaipur district

30. Dhaman, Karad and Anjan are the?
(A) Varieties of Sheep in Rajasthan
(B) Varieties of Caster seed of Gujarat
(C) Varieties of Grass in Rajsthan
(D) Three heroes of Gawari dance

Answers :
1     B
2     D
3     A
4     B
5     D
6     D
7     D
8     C
9     C
10     D
11     A
12     B
13     C
14     A
15     B
16     C
17     D
18     A
19     D
20     D
21     A
22     B
23     B
24     A
25     D
26     C
27     C
28     B
29     A
30     C


  1. and the winner izzzz mangti priya

  2. what name was given to the counry's biggest war exercise held in the desert of rajsthan?
    1- sainya shakti 2- rann shakti
    3- veer shakti 4- vayra shakti

  3. In whichyear was rajasthan energy development act passed?
    1- 1999 2- 1996
    3- 1994 3- 2003

  4. The crop that grows without seeds is?
    1- but 2- kaang
    3- kuri 3- sama

  5. Anyone of u will explain me regarding question no 3, 13, 24, 25, because i m not satisfied with the answer given in that answer book