RAS Computer Science and Engineering Sample Paper 1

Rajasthan Adming Services (RAS) / RTS Examination Computer Science, Computer Engineering Sample Paper 1:
1. The goal of structured programming is to:
A) have well indented programs
B) be able to infer the flow of control from the compiled code
C) be able to infer the flow of control from the program text
D) avoid the use of GOTO statements
Answer : (C)
2. What are the types of linkages?
A. Internal and External  
B. External, Internal and None
C. External and None  
D. Internal
Answer: B
3. Which of the following special symbol allowed in a variable name?
A. * (asterisk)  
B.  | (pipeline)
C.  - (hyphen)  
D.  _ (underscore)
Answer: D
4. How would you round off a value from 1.66 to 2.0?
A. ceil(1.66)  
B. floor(1.66)
C. roundup(1.66)  
D. roundto(1.66)
Answer: A
5. By default a real number is treated as a
A. float  
B. double
C. long double  
D. far double
Answer: B

6. The order of an internal node in a B+ tree index is the maximum number of children it can have. Suppose that a child pointer takes 6 bytes, the search field value takes 14 bytes, and the block size is 512 bytes. What is the order of the internal node?
A) 24
B) 25
C) 26
D) 27
Answer : (C)
7. The Boolean function x, y, + xy + x, y
A) x, + y,
B) x + y
C) x + y,
D) x, + y
Answer : (D)
8. The relation scheme Student Performance (name, courseNo, rollNo, grade) has the following functional dependencies:
A) name, courseNo -> grade
B) rollNo, courseNo -> grade
C) name -> rollNo
D) rollNo -> name
The highest normal form of this relation scheme is
Answer : (A)
9. The minimum number of page frames that must be allocated to a running process in a virtual memory environment is determined by
A) the instruction set architecture
B) page size
C) physical memory size
D) number of processes in memory
Answer : (D)
10. Consider the following C program
main ()
{ int x, y, m, n ;
scanf ("%d %d", &x, &y);
/ * Assume x > 0 and y > 0 * /
m = x; n = y ;
while ( m ! = n)
{ if (m > n)
m = m — n;
n = n - m ; }
printf("%d",n); }
The program computes
A) x + y, using repeated subtraction
B) x mod y using repeated subtraction
C) the greatest common divisor of x and y
D) the least common multiple of x and y
Answer : (C)
11. The best data structure to check whether an arithmetic expression has balanced parentheses is a
A) queue
B) stack
C) tree
D) list
Answer : (B)
12. An organization has a class B network and wishes to form subnets for 64 departments. The subnet mask would be
Answer : (D)
13. Suppose the round trip propagation delay for a 10 Mbps Ethernet having 48-bit jamming signal is 46.4 ms. The minimum frame size is:
A) 94
B) 416
C) 464
D) 512
Answer : (C)
14 Consider the following C function:
int f (int n)
{ static int i = 1;
if (n >= 5) return n;
n = n + i;
i ++;
return f (n);
The value returned by f(1) is
A) 5
B) 6
C) 7
D) 8
Answer : (C)
15. To avoid the race condition, the number of processes that may be simultaneously inside their critical section is
A.  8
B.  1
C.  16
D.  0
E.  None of the above
Answer: B

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