Quiz 8: Geography Questions and Answers

QUIZ 6: Geography (India and World) Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) for RAS/IAS and various Bank, PSC Examinations.

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 1. The pennines (Europe), Appalachians (America) and the Aravallis (India) are examples ofA. old mountains
B. young mountains
C. fold mountains
D. block mountains
Answer: A
2. Which of the following is a peninsular river of India?A. Gandak  
B. Kosi
C. Krishna
D. Sutlej
Answer: C
3. Which country has the largest coast line?A. USA  
B. Australia
C. Canada  
D. India
Answer: C
4. The two states of India, most richly endowed with iron ore, areA. Bihar and Orissa
B. Madhya Pradesh and Orissa
C. Bihar and West Bengal
D. Madhya Pradesh and West Bengal
Answer: A
5. Largest Producer of aluminium in the world:A. Australia
B. France
C. India  
Answer: D

Download Civil Services 2012 Admit Card

IAS Pre 2012 Admit Card: Union Public Service Commission will be conducting the Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination 2012 on 20/05/2012 (Sunday) all over India.  The Commission has uploaded the e-Admission Certificate for the convenience of the admitted candidates (or the reasons/ grounds for rejection of application in respect of rejected applications) on its website (http://www.upsc.gov.in.). 
The candidates are advised to download their e-Admission Certificate and take a printout thereof. The admitted candidates will have to produce the printout of their e-Admission Certificate at the allotted venue for appearing in the examination.  In case the photograph is not visible or available on the e-Admission Certificate, candidates are advised to carry two (2) identical photographs (one photograph for each session) along with proof of Identity such as Identity Card or Voter Identity Card or Passport or Driving License and the printout of e-Admission Certificate at the venue of the Examination. No paper Admission Certificate will be issued for this examination.

PTET 2012 Paper Solved - Answer Key

Rajasthan Pre Teachers Entrance Test (PTET) 2012 exam is held today, 22 April 2012 (Saturday) on different centers. PTET 2012 Cut-off Marks is expted to be inline with PTET 2011 as paper is neither easy nor too hard. The Answer key of Total 50 question paper of Paper will be Uploaded here once Official website Publish it.  For time being lets have a Discussion and Answers of Some of Questions  asked in PTET 2012 Question Paper.
1. Who is RPSC Chairmen:
Ans: BL Sharma
2. IIM in situated in Which city of Rajasthan:
Ans: Udaipur 
3. Police University annouced in Budget 2012-13 in which City:
Ans: Jodhpur ( Sardar Patel Police and security University, Jodhpur)
4. Gazal Singer Jagjit Singh belongs to
Ans: Born in Sri Ganganagar, Rajasthan
5. AM in Radio Stands:
Ans: AM means Amplitude Modulation
6. The Hindu News paper started in:
Ans: 18 September 1878
7. Teachers day is celebrated on:
Ans: 5th September
8. RBI issued Rs. 5 Coin in Memory of which freedom fighter and martyr:
Ans: Bhagat Singh ( on 21st February 2012)
9. Rajasthan State Women Commission Chairperson is:
Ans: Ladkumari Jain
10. Sachin hits 100th Century against which Country:
Ans: Bangladesh 
11. Asia cup Final 2012 is played between:
Ans: Pakistan and Bangladesh
12. Van-Mahotsav is Celebrated on:
Ans:  5 June and even in the first week of July.
13. Author of Anandamath is:
Ans: Bankim Chandra Chatterji
14. Assembly elections held recently in No. of States:
Ans: 5 (Goa, Manipur, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand )
15. Total Assembly Seats during 2011 election in UP:
Ans: 403 Seats
16. Which district have Maximum cattle Fair:
Ans: Nagaur.
17. Geet Sethi is associated with:
Ans: Billiards.
18. Speaker of the Lok Sabha
Ans: Meira Kumar.
19. Rajasthan day is celebrated on:
Ans: 30 March
20. Rail Minister who presented Rail Budget 2012-13 is: 
Ans: Dinesh Trivedi
21. Partition of Bengal from India was done in year:
Ans: 1905 (Partition of Bengal from India was done on 16th Oct, 1905 by Viceroy Curzon. Due to these political protests, the two parts of Bengal were reunited in 1911)
22. Gandhi Ji's one of prayer Vaishnav Jan to Tene Kahiye was written by:Ans: Narsinh Mehta (Written in 15th century by Gujarati poet Narsinh Mehta in Gujarati language).

We have only 22 Questions as of Know, If anyone have more Questions Please SHARE GK Questions in COMMENTS Section, So we can Discussion it here and Help us to Create ANSWER KEY for PTET 2012

RAS Sample Paper - Zoology

RAS Pre Sample Paper for Zoology Subject: 
1. Among the following foods, which is the most appropriate for a desert mammal for the regulation of its water balance ?
(a) Carbohydrate-rich cereals
(b) Oil-rich seeds
(c) Protein-rich pulses
(d) Both carbohydrate and protein-rich foods
2. Consider the following components used in electron transport system that act in a sequential manner:
1. NAD
2. Cytochrome-c
3. Cytochrome-a
4. FAD
What is the correct sequence of the above?
(a) 1—4—2—3
(b) 3-4—2—1
(d) 2—1-3-4
3. A person observing prolonged fast will excrete, which one of the following in urine?
(a) Fat
(b) Amino acids
(c) Albumin
(d) Ketone bodies

RAS Computer Science and Engineering Sample Paper 1

Rajasthan Adming Services (RAS) / RTS Examination Computer Science, Computer Engineering Sample Paper 1:
1. The goal of structured programming is to:
A) have well indented programs
B) be able to infer the flow of control from the compiled code
C) be able to infer the flow of control from the program text
D) avoid the use of GOTO statements
Answer : (C)
2. What are the types of linkages?
A. Internal and External  
B. External, Internal and None
C. External and None  
D. Internal
Answer: B
3. Which of the following special symbol allowed in a variable name?
A. * (asterisk)  
B.  | (pipeline)
C.  - (hyphen)  
D.  _ (underscore)
Answer: D
4. How would you round off a value from 1.66 to 2.0?
A. ceil(1.66)  
B. floor(1.66)
C. roundup(1.66)  
D. roundto(1.66)
Answer: A
5. By default a real number is treated as a
A. float  
B. double
C. long double  
D. far double
Answer: B

RAS Papers Computer Science and Engineering

RAS/RTS Exam Computer Science and Computer Engineering Papers: Rajasthan Public Service Commission(RPSC), Ajmer is one of the PSC where Computer Engineering and Computer Science are included in Pre and Mains as a Subject after 2000 when Information Technology(IT) becomes part of Human Life and studied and read across India as one of Preferred Subject duing B.E./B.Tech/MCA Courses. So we decided to Upload some of Old Papers from Computer Subject. Computer Engineering / Science papers will be uploaded here year-wise for RAS Aspirants appearing for RAS/RTS Exam 2012 or upcoming years . For more updates you can follow us on FACEBOOK OR GOOGLE+ .
 * RAS/RTS Computer Science and Computer Engineering Papers 2012

* RAS/RTS Computer Science and Computer Engineering Papers 2010
* RAS/RTS Computer Science and Computer Engineering Papers 2007
* RAS/RTS Computer Science and Computer Engineering Papers 2003
RAS/RTS Computer Science and Computer Engineering Sample Paper I
RAS/RTS Computer Science and Computer Engineering Sample Paper II
RAS/RTS Computer Science and Computer Engineering Sample Paper III
RAS/RTS Computer Science and Computer Engineering Sample Paper IV
RAS/RTS Computer Science and Computer Engineering Sample Paper V

Quiz 7: Census 2011 Objective Questions and Answers

QUIZ 6: Rajasthan and India Census 2011: Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for RAS/ RTS/ IIIrd Grade Teachers Exam from Rajasthan Census 2011, as it is expected that atleast 1-2 Question will be asked from Recent Census 2011. Here comes the Objective Questions from Census 2011 topic, Hope you Like it.  Those who want to explore more on Census 2011 data can visit: Census 2011 Official website of India and Rajasthan Govt. http://censusindia.gov.in/ and http://www.rajcensus.gov.in/ resp. You can follow us on FACEBOOK OR GOOGLE+
1. Population of Rajasthan as per Census 2012:
A. 5.8 Crore
B. 6.8 Crore
C. 6 Crore
D. 6.6 Crore
2. Which district has highest Female Literacy:
A. Ajmer
B. Jaipur
C. Kota
D. Jhunjhunu
3. Which district has lowest Female Literacy:
A. Jaisalmer
B. Sirohi
c. Jalore
D. Banswara
4. Highest Urban Population Growth as per Census 2011 recorded in:
A. Jaipur
B. Kota
c. Alwar
D. Ajmer
5. The lowest Urban Population growth as per Census 2012 recorded in:
A. Jaisalmer
B. Barmer
C. Banswara
D. Dungarpur

RAS/RTS Exam Solved Question Paper 1993

Rajasthan Admin Services (RAS/RTS) Examination Solved Question Papers of year 1993 for General Knowledge(GK) and General Science.  RAS/RTS Paper 1993 contains total 100 Questions.
For all Previous year RAS/RTS Papers(1991-2010) visit: RAS Exam Previous years Papers or You can follow us on FACEBOOK OR GOOGLE+
1. During the earth Summit held at Rio De Janireo in 1992 the problems discussed related to:
Ans: Different aspects of environment and Development
2. Bio-Diversity is concerned with:
Ans: Different form of Animals.
3. The district having highest dry farming intensity are:
A. Jaisalmer, Barmer
B. Dungarpur, Banswara
C. Bhilwara, Ganganagar
D. Ajmer, Pali
Ans: A
4. The sugar factory run under the co-operative system is located at:
A. Udaipur
B. Sriganganagar
C. Bhopalsagar
D. Kesshoriapatan
5.The basic object of Intergrated Rural Development Programme(IRDP) is:
Ans: To enable selected families in rural areas to cross the pverty line.
6. The "Apna gaon apna Kam" Scheme was launced in:
Ans: 1st Januar 1991
7. Which sanctuary has been declared World Heritage
Ans: Kevaladeo
8. To which of following groups does the whale Belongs:
A. Fishes
B. Mammals
C. Reptiles
D. Amphibians
Ans: B

Download RAS/RTS Exam Solved Question Paper 1993 FULL

QUIZ 6: General Science Questions and Answers

QUIZ 6: General Science Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) for RAS/IAS and various Bank, PSC Examinations.
1.Inventor of Cell was:
A. Robert Cook
B. Darvin
C. Einstein 
D. Robert Hook
Ans: D
2. Brass gets discoloured in air because of the presence of which of the following gases in air?
A. Oxygen
B. Hydrogen sulphide
C. Carbon dioxide
D. Nitrogen
Answer: B
3. Which of the following metals forms an amalgam with other metals?
A. Tin
B. Mercury
C. Lead
D. Zinc
Answer: B
Tips: Amalgam is a substance formed by the reaction of mercury with another metal. Almost all metals can form amalgams with mercury, notable exceptions being iron and platinum.
4. Which of the following is a non metal that remains liquid at room temperature?
A. Phosphorous
B. Bromine
C. Chlorine
D. Helium
Answer: B
5. Chlorophyll is a naturally occurring chelate compound in which central metal is
A. Copper
B. Magnesium
C. Iron
D. Calcium
Answer: B
Tips: Chlorophyll is a chlorin pigment, which is structurally similar to and produced through the same metabolic pathway as other porphyrin pigments such as heme. At the center of the chlorin ring is a magnesium ion.

Current Affairs: April 2012

Current Affairs Question April 2012: Current General Knowledge Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for RAS/ IAS/ Bank Jobs. Question of Rajasthan GK, India GK and World GK will be updated daily during whole month of April 2012. For Current Affairs Live Updates Follow us on FACEBOOK OR GOOGLE+
1. Govt. Approve Rs. 30000 Crore as bailout for which State run company:
A. King Fisher Airlines
B. Indian Railways
4. Air India
2. Who is youngest Boxer to qualify for Olympic:
A. Vijendra Singh
B. Anil Kumar
C. Shiva Thapa
D. Geeta Phogat
3. Scientist Discovered unknown species off the Coast of Antarctica.Consider the Following Statement- 1) The Temperature in this region rises to 380 degree Celsius
2) There is Plenty of light in this region
Choose the right Option
a) Only 1
b) Only 2
c) Both 1 and 2
d) Neither 1 nor 2
4) Scientist Produced artificial human semen to help infertile men. Consider the following statement1) The Scientist grew the Sperm by enveloping the germ cells in a special compound called agar jelly
2) The Artificial human semen Could help infertile men father their own children.
Choose the right Option
a) Both 1 and 2 are correct
b) Only 1 is Correct
c) Only 2 is Correct
d) Neither 1 nor 2 is Correct

Current Affairs March 2012

Current Affairs Questions : March 2012
1. NKP Salve who passed away on 1 April 2012 was the president of BCCI, when the Indian cricket team won the cricket world cup in :
 (a) 1987
(b) 1996
(c) 2011
(d) 1983
Answer: (d)
2. Geeta Poghat, who on 1 April 2012 qualified for London Olympics 2012 belongs to which of the following sports?
(a) Wrestling
(b) Boxing
(c) Gymnastic
(d) Weight-Lifting
Answer: (A)
3. Name the Nobel Peace Prize winner who was named the winner of one of the world's leading religion prizes, Templeton Prize for 2012 by the John Templeton Foundation on 29 March 2012.
 a. The Dalai Lama
b. Tawakkol Karman
c. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
d. Baba Ram Dev
Answer: (a)
4. US Senate on 30 March 2012 confirmed career diplomat as ambassador to India. Identify the person in question.
a. William Clark, Jr.
b. Albert Peter Burleigh
c. Robert Blackwill
d. Nancy Powell
Answer: (d)
5. Amadou Toumani Toure, who was ousted from his position following a military coup, was the president of
 a. Tunisia
b. Azerbaijan
c. Mali
d. Maldives
Answer: (c)
6.  A former Director of Kashmiri American Council (KAC) was sentenced to two years in prison in a District Court in Eastern District of Virginia. Identify the person the statement is related with.
 a. Hafeez Saeed
b. Mushtaq Ahmed
c. David Coleman Headley
d. Gulam Nabi Fai
Answer: (d)

RAS/RTS Exam Solved Question Paper 1991

Rajasthan Admin Services(RAS/RTS) Examination Solved Question Papers year 1991 for General Knowledge(GK) and General Science.  RAS/RTS Paper 1991 contains total 120 Questions.
For all Previous year RAS/RTS Papers(1991-2010) visit: RAS Exam Previous years Papers or You can follow us on FACEBOOK OR GOOGLE+

1. What is the % of female literacy rate as per census 1991
Ans: 20.84%.
2. Which artist of rajasthan has been awarded recently by Central sangeet natak academy for developing a special method for teaching disabled childrens in Kathak.
Ans: Pt. Durga Lal
3. Which of the following is the center of British News papers:
Ans: Fleet Street.
4. The first primary in the US Presidential election process takes place in:
Ans: New Hampshire
5. India has refused to sign NPT on the ground of:
Ans: It is discriminatory in Nature
6. The headquarter of the euripean Economic community is at:
Ans: Brussels

Current Affairs Questions: February 2012

Current Affairs Questions: February 2012
1. Name the renowned Urdu poet who passed away after battling lung cancer recently.
Ans. Akhlaq Mohammed Khan

2. Name the actor who was presented with a National Medal of Arts for his contributions to American culture.
Ans. Al Pacino

3. Name the Maldives President who was appointed after Mohamed Nasheed quit.
Ans. Mohammad Waheed Hassan

4. Who is the first Indian defence minister to visit Saudi Arabia?
Ans. A.K.Antony

5. Name the Supercomputer developed by C DAC recently for Biology research.
Ans. Biochrome

RPMT 2012 ONLINE Examination, How to apply

Rajasthan Pre Medical Test (RPMT) 2012 Notification issued for Online Entrance examination by Rajasthan University of Health Sciences(RUHSRAJ), Jaipur on 10th April 2012 for the aspirants of medical profession. RPMT 2012  is a common entrance exam for admission to undergraduate programmes in in to M.B.B.S. /B.D.S. /B.V.Sc. & A.H courses in Medical, Veterinary and Dental institutes in Rajasthan. RPMT 2012 Examination will be held Online instead of conventional written examination from this year for academic year 2012-13 as per Notification issued by Rajasthan University of Health Sciences, Jaipur. RPMT Examination Upto the previous year was conducted by 'Paper Pencil Mode' but this year RPMT 2012 is conduced on 3rd and 4th June 2012 at Six Exam centers in Jaipur, Ajmer, Jodhpur, Kota, Udaipur and Bikaner in Two Innings.
Online Exam: RPMT 2012 will be conduct Online.
Demo Online Exam: For familiarization with the online exam and convenience of student, a demo version of online exam will be made available over the University website prior to the date of examination. You can send suggestion online at convener.rpmt2012@gmail.com with name, address, contact no with suggestions.
RPET 2012 Official Notification:  Rajasthan Pre Medical(RPMT ) 2012 Notification has been issued on 10th May 2012. The RPMT Exam date is 3rd Week of May 2012.
Application Fee: Rs. 1200, Rs. 600 for PH, SC,ST candidates.
How to get Application Form: RPMT Application will be submitted online so there is no need to submit hard copy. Hard copy of RPMT 2012 Forms will not be available this year.
How to apply: To apply for RPMT 2012 Examination, candidate have to apply throught website www.ruhsraj.org from 10 April 2012 onwards til 5th may 2012 with respective fee submitted at any branch of OBC Bank. Challan form can be downloaded from unviersity website. 
Important Dates:
RPMT 2012 Notification issued on 10th April 2012: Click here
Start date for filling online Application form: 10 April 2012
Last date for filling the online application form: 05 May 2012 (12.00 Midnight)
RPMT 2012 On-line examination date: 3rd and 4th June 2012 at Six Exam centers in Jaipur, Ajmer, Jodhpur, Kota, Udaipur and Bikaer in Two Innings
Printout of the application form: To be submitted at the time of counseling
For More about RPMT 2012 Visit:

RPSC Programmer Written Exam on 15th April 2012

RPSC Programmer Exam date, Admit card: Rajasthan Public Service Commission (RPSC), Ajmer issued the Admit cards for the post of 78 "PROGRAMMER" Post. RPSC will held exam on 15th April 2012(Sunday) in two Parts. RPSC Programmer Sample Question Paper, Answer Key, Written Exam Results 2012 will be updated here. RPSC Programmer Exam details are as mentioned here:
RPSC Programmer Exam Date: SUNDAY, 15/04/2012
Paper-I: 10:30 AM To 12:30 PM            
Paper-II: 02:30 PM To 04:30 PM

RAS/RTS Exam Solved Question Papers 2003

Rajasthan Admin Services(RAS/RTS) Examination Solved Question Papers year 2003 for General Knowledge(GK) and General Science.  
For all Previous year RAS/RTS Papers(1991-2010) visit: RAS Exam Previous years Papers or You can follow us on FACEBOOK OR GOOGLE+

1.       The Area of Rajasthan is about:
a.       2.8 Lakh Square Km.
b.      3.4 Lakh Square Km.
c.       4.5 Lakh Square Km.
d.      5.7 Lakh Square Km.
ANS: 3.4 Lakh Square Km.
2.       What Fraction of Rajasthan’s land area is desert
a.       1/4
b.      1/3
c.       1/2
d.      2/3
ANS: 2/3
3.       For which of the following mineral Rajasthan has a monopoly in the country
a.       Lead-Zinc
b.      MICA
c.       Manganese
d.      Copper
Ans: Lead-Zinc
4.       In which region of rajasthan is coper mined
a.       Bhilwara
b.      Nagaur
c.       Khetri
d.      Neemla
Ans: Khetri
5.       In which region of Rajasthan will you find Teak(SAGWAN) forest
a.       Central
b.      South
c.       North Eastern
d.      North western
Ans: South
6.       Which of the following rivers supplies Maximum water to rajasthan
a.       Chambal
b.      Banas
c.       Mahi
d.      Sabarmat
ANS: Chambal
7.       In which of the following cities in rajasthan is its atomic power plant is situated.
a.       Udaipur
b.      Kota
c.       Bansawara
d.      Alwar
Ans: Kota (Rawatbhata city)

Quiz 5: Important Days / Diwas Questions

Important Days (Diwas) and Dates:
1. 20th August is celebrated as
A. Earth Day
B. Sadbhavana Divas
C. No Tobacco Day
D. None of these
Answer: B ( Rajiv Gandhi's birthday is celebrated as Sadbhawana Diwas on 20th August.)

2. India Celebrates February 28 every year as 'National Science Day' because on this day
A. first Indian Space craft was launched
B. Nehru laid the foundation of Science labs all over India
C. in 1928 C.V. Raman discovered what was later called the 'Raman Effect'
D. Vikram Sarabhai was born
Answer: C

3. Which of the following festivals is celebrated on Prophet Mohammed birthday?
A. Id-Ul-Zuha   
B. Id-e-Milad
C. Id-Ul-Fitr   
D. Muharram
Answer: B

4. 'Rosh Hashanah' is the new year's day of which communities?
A. Jews   
B. Muslims
C. Hindus
D. Shinto
Answer: A

5. When is the World Population Day observed?
A. May 31
B. October 4
C. December 10
D. July 11
Answer: D

Current Affairs Questions: January 2012

Current Affairs Questions: January 2012
1. Which two countries have strengthened business ties to start trading electricity and petroleum products?
Ans: India and Pakistan
2. Which country recently joined UNSC as non-permanent member?
Ans: Pakistan
3. Where is National Kannada conference is set to be held in the month of April?
Ans: Delhi
4. Where is the Coastal Business Development Summit is held?
Ans: Mangalore, Karnataka
5. What is the total number of districts in Chhattisgarh as on 1st January 2012?
Ans: 27
6. Where has Union Government planned to build 11 tunnels to connect important roads?
Ans: Pakistan and China borders
7. Which version of Internet Explorer is dead as per Microsoft?
Ans: Internet Explorer 6

RAS Pre Question Paper 2008 Solved - Public Administration

R.A.S./R.T.S. (Pre.) Examination, 2008 Question Paper solved for Public Administration (held on 7-1-2009)
1. Which of the following theories focuses on informal organization and participative management ?
(A) Human Relations Theory
(B) Scientific Management Theory
(C) Behavioural Theory
(D) Contingency Theory
Ans : (A)

2. “Until administrative description reaches a higher level of sophistication, there is little reason to hope that rapid progress will be made towards the identification and verification of valid administrative principles.” Who said it ?
(A) Henri Fayol
(B) Leonard White
(C) Herbert Simon
(D) Robert Dahl
Ans : (D)

3. Which of the following attempts to construct a theory of public organization in tune with consumer interests and individual preferences ?
(A) Development Administration Approach
(B) Public Choice Approach
(C) Co-optation Concept
(D) Behavioural Approach
Ans : (B)

4. Who theorized that ‘Every person has certain basic assumptions about other people’s attitude toward work and organization.’ ?
(A) Elton Mayo
(B) Frederick Herzberg
(C) Chris Argyris
(D) Douglas McGregor
Ans : (D)

5. Which of the following has been termed as the biological parent of Public Administration ?
(A) Sociology
(B) Political Science
(C) Business Administration
(D) Psychology
Ans : (B)

6. The central theme of Comparative Public Administration is—
(A) Administrative structure
(B) Bureaucracy
(C) Citizen-Administration Relations
(D) Leadership
Ans : (B)

RAS Exam Previous years Papers | RAS Old Exam Papers

RAS/RTS Exam Previous years Papers: Rajasthan Administrative Services (RAS) Examination Previous Years Papers General Knowledge (G.K.) and General Science papers for all exams held till now is uploaded here year-wise for RAS Aspirants appearing for RAS/RTS Exam 2012 or upcoming years. Hope you like these papers. You can follow us on FACEBOOK OR GOOGLE+ for more updates/ Updates on RAS Previous Year papers and RAS Examination 2012.
* RAS/RTS Examination Solved Question Papers year 1991 

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Medical Officers Recruitment in Rajasthan Health Department

Rajasthan University Of Health Sciences (RUHSRAJ), Jaipur invites applications for recruitmet of Medical Officers as per Recruitment Notification issued on 30th March 2012 through Direct Recruitment of Medical officers
Job Post: Medical Officers
Total Post:
Pay Scale: Rs. 15600-39000 (PB3) + GP 5400
Age: 22-47 Years, relaxation as per rules.
Education Qualification: MBBS wit knowledge of Hindi.
How to apply: Apply ONLINE thought Rajasthan University Of Health Sciences(RUHSRAJ) website www.ruhsraj.org from 1st april 2012 to 15th april 2012.
Last date: 15 april 2012
For Job Notification Click here