CTET Exam Paper FEB 2016, Answer Key, Cut-Off Marks

CTET Exam Question Paper 2016, Answer Key of 21st February 2016, Cut-Off Marks: Central Board of Secondary Education, Delhi Today, 21st February 2016 conducted the 9th Edition of Central Teacher Eligibility Test (CTET) FEB 2016 on 21st February 2016 (Sunday) for a candidate to be eligible for appointment as a teacher for class I to VIII. CTET Feb 2016 Paper-II was held from 9:30 to 12:00 while CTET FEB 2016 Paper-I 14:00 to 16:30 hrs at various centers across India except Haryana. In Haryana Due  to  administrative  reasons, in  the  state  of  Haryana the  Central  Teachers  Eligibility  Test scheduled to be held on 21st February, 2016 was postponed.  Fresh dates for Haryana will be announced later for candidates already registered for CTET Feb 2016. 
CTET Exam Paper FEB 2016, Answer Key will be published Here. Our team is working to compile Full CTET Exam FEB 2016 Question Papers and Answer Ky. You can also check over Solved CTET Exam Paper 2016 at India GK Mobile AppPlease do Share Question and Answer if you are confirm with source to compile the CTET Exam Paper FEB 2016, Answer Key till CBSE, issue official answey key of CTET 2016.

CTET Exam Paper FEB 2016, Answer Key:
Middle childhood is the period from ?
A. 10 years onwards
B. Birth to 2 years
C. 2 years to 6 years
D. 6 years to 11 years
Answer: D

------- is a process through which a human infant begins to acquire the necessary skills to perform as a functioning member of the society ?
A. Development
B. Socialization
C. Learning
D. Maturation
Answer: B

- The cognitive ability that comes in pre-operational period is ?
- According to Piaget, which one of the following factors play an important role in influencing development ?
- According to Vygotsky, learning cannot be separated from ?
- Language ---- thought processes ? 
- Assessment by only paper-pencil tests ?
- Children with learning disability ?
 - Which one of the following is central to learning ?

What is the Nomenclature change suggested by the National Curriculum Framework (NCF), 2005 for civics ?
A. Geography
B. History
C. Social and Political Life
D. Economics
Answer: C
- On which of the following choices is the data best represented by a Bar Diagram ?

In which one of the following languages, mathematician and astronomer, Aryabhata wrote his book Aryabhatiyam ?
A. Prakrit
B. Hindi
C. Pali
D. Sanskrit
Answer: D

Which one of the following stupa is marked as the place where the Buddha preached his first message ?
A. Bodh Gaya
B. Sarnath
C. Sanchi
D. Thotlakonda
Answer: B

The Rampurwa a polished stone sculpture, now placed in Rashtrapati Bhawan was build during the reign of which one of the following ?
A. Pandyas
B. Mauryas
C. Cholas
D. Kushanas
Answer: B

Which were the three dynasties referred to as ;Muvendar' in Sangam Poems ?
A. Cheras, Palas, Rashtrakulas
B. Cholas, Rashtrakulas, Pandyas
C. Palas, Cholas, Pandyas
D. Cholas, Cheras, Pandyas
Answer: D

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