UGC requests Universities to shift to Grading System

The UGC has informed that under CBCS, universities are requested to shift from numerical marking system, which is followed presently in universities, to grading system of evaluation. The grading system is considered to be better than the conventional marks system and hence it has been followed in the top institutions in India and abroad. This will facilitate student mobility across institutions within and across countries and also enable potential employers to assess the performance of students. Further, under CBCS, Universities will move from the conventional annual system to semester system. The semester system accelerates the teaching-learning process and enables vertical and horizontal mobility in learning. The credit based semester system provides flexibility in assigning credits based on the course content and hours of teaching. The guidelines issued by UGC are available at 9555132_Guidelines.pdf
Under Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) the availability of elective subjects increases and the student is not held hostage to academic inflexibility. This enables students to take courses of their choice, learn at their own pace, undergo additional courses and acquire more than the required credits, and adopt an interdisciplinary approach to learning. The UGC has informed that introduction of CBCS will help resolve various difficulties faced by the students due to the diversity in evaluation system followed by different universities in India. Further, CBCS would ensure seamless mobility of students across the higher education institutions in the country as well as abroad where such system is a norm.


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