QUIZ 12 - GK Question from PSU Exams

QUIZ  12: General Knowledge Questions from various examination as part of QUIZ Time. Here is Sample Question paper with Selected Questions covering all these topics.
1.Which is the busiest Airport of India ?
A. Delhi
B. Mumbai
C. Calcutta
D. Chennai
Ans: A (Delhi)
2. Which is the highest layer of the atmosphere from the earth ?
A. Troposhpere
B. Stratosphere
C. Mesosphere
D. Inosphere
Ans: D
3. Which Telephone No. will be always be engaged when you dial it ?
A. Airline Booking
B. Fault booking
C. Railway information
D. Your own Number
Ans: D
4. Photocopying machines are now known as Xerox Machine because they were popularised by ?
A. Their founder T.Xerox
B. Company Name
C. The method Xerox
D. Xerox Brother
Ans: B

5. The weight of heart is nearly ?
A. 100 GM
B. 300 GM
C. 1 KG
D. 5 KG
Ans: B
6. Where is the office of permanent secretariat of SAARC located ?
A. Delhi
B. Kahmandu 
C. Sri Lanka
D. None of above
Ans: B
7. Which of the following has not been facilitated by the Wisden cricket award ?
A. M Amarnath
B. Polly Umrigar
C. VVS Laxman
D. Chandrashekhar
Ans: B 
8. Tribology is the scientific study of ?
A. Frictional properties between metallic surfaces moving in relation to each other
B. Alloys having three alloying elements
C. Tribes
D. Human Habitation
Ans: A
9. Subhas chandra bose setup the provisional govt. of free india in ?
A. Burma
B. Singapore
C. Thailand
D. Indonesia
Ans: A
10. Which of the following constitution amendment acts contains provisions related to Panchayati Raj ?
A. 42 Amendment Act
B. 73 Amendment Act

C. 84 Amendment Act
D. 92 Amendment Act
Ans: B