Current Affairs: December 2012

Current Affairs Question December 2012: Current General Knowledge Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for RAS/ IAS/ Bank Jobs. Question of Rajasthan GK, India GK and World GK will be updated daily during whole month of December  2012. For Current Affairs Live Updates Follow us on FACEBOOK OR GOOGLE+
1. Former PM of India, Inder kumar Gujaral who passed away on 30th Nov. 2012, belongs to political party ?
A. Congress
C. Janta Dal
Ans: C
2. New Land acquisition bill 2012 requires ----- % of landowners consent ?
A. 50%
B. 75%
C. 80%
D. 100%
Ans: C
3. Right to recall in Rajasthan is first time used at ? 
A. Harmara
B. Baran
C. Mangrol
D. Anta
Ans: C
For the first time in Rajasthan, an election for recalling an elected chairman of a municipal body was held in Mangrol Municipality area of Baran district. 

4. 117th Constitution amendment is related to:
A. Reservation to SC/ST in promotions
B. Land acquisition Bill
C. Money laundering Amendment bill
D. Section 66A IT Act amendment bill
Ans: A
5 ASEAN–India Commemorative Summit 2012 held in ?
A. New Delhi
B. Tokyo
C. Hyderabad
D. Kathmandu
Ans: A
ASEAN–India Commemorative Summit 2012, New Delhi held 20, 21 December to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the establishment of relations between ASEAN and India. 
6. Total No. of Assembly Seats in Himachal Pradesh is ?
A. 60
B. 72
C. 66
D. 68
Ans: D (Congress wins Assembly polls 2012) 
7. Total No. of assembly seats in Gujarat is ?
B. 195
C. 182
D. 184
Ans: C (BJP Wins assembly polls 2012)
8. Miss Universe 2012 Winner - "Olivia Culpo" belongs to which country ? 
A. Austria
D. Canada
Ans: C

9. Delhi HC dismisses PIL against which Rajya Sabha(RS) Nominees ? 
A. Rekha
B. Sachin tendulkar
C. Hema Malini
D. Manmohan Singh
Ans:B (Delhi High Court on 21st Dec. 2012 dismissed a PIL challenging cricketer Sachin Tendulkar's nomination to the Rajya Sabha.)

10. Which country in Dec. 2012 gets First Female President ?
 A. North Korea
B. South Korea
C. Austrialia
D. Austria
Ans: B (South Korea on 20th December 2012 elected First Female President: Park Geun-hye)

11. Who is "Person of the Year 2012" by TIMES magzine ?
A. Brak Obama
C. Tim Cook
C. Dalai Lama
D. Malaya Yousafzai
Ans: A
12. Which among the following is not a member of COlombo Plan
A. Russia
C. Saudi Arebia
D. Japan
And: A
13. Leslie Claudius who passed away recently was player of ?
A. Boxing
B. Kabaddi
C. Chess
D. Hockey
Ans: D
Leslie Claudius was member of indian hockey team, with tree Olympics gold medal in 152, 1556, 1960.
14. Recently Govt. allowed FDI in multi-brand retail and capped at ?
A. 27%
B. 49%

C. 51%
D. 74%
Ans: C
15.  Which of the following panel was appointed to put forward recommendations on GAAR ?
A. Rangrajan patel
B. Shome patel
C. Reddy Panel
D. None of above
Ans: B
16. PMEAC's Economic Outlook 2012-13 has projected India's GDP growth for 2012-13 at ?
A. 6.2%
B. 6.5%
C. 6.7%
D. 7%
Ans: C
17. Which of the following is a sufficient condition for identification of a district as "GENDER CRITICAL" district as per census 2011 ?
1. Woman participation in work is less than 20% 
2. Female literacy is less than 30%
3. Sex ratio is less than 900
A. 1,2 Only
B. 2,3 Only
C. 2 Only
D. 3,1 Only
Ans: D
18. Which country decided to halt further aid to India ?
C. Canada
D. Russia
Ans: B
19. Terrorist Azmal Kasab handed in Jail at ?
A. Mumbai
B. Pune
C. Delhi
D. Bangalore
Ans: B
20. Pakistan recently grant Most Favoured Nation (MFN) tag for ?
A. India
B. Bangladesh
C. Srilanka
D. Nepal
Ans: A


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