Quiz 10: India GK, World GK and Science Question for RAS Exam

QUIZ  10: Sample RAS Paper Questions from India GK, Science Question for RAS/RTS Examination. RAS Exam normally have 50 Questions from India, World GK and Science Questions. Here is Sample Question paper with Selected Questions covering all these topics.
1. A Iron rod is heated, the length is increased but its breadth will:
A. No change
B. Increase
C. Decrease
D. Non-uniform Change in shape
Ans: D
2. Who discovered first that Sun is center of Solar System and earth rotate around run.
A. Newton
B. Galelio
C. Panini
D. Copernicus
Ans: D
3. STD Service was launched in India in:
A. 1951
B. 1960
C. 1961
D. 1972
Ans: C (Between Kanpur-Lucknow by Department of Post and Telecom Now BSNL)
4. "SWATANTRATA, SAMTA, BANDHUTA" slogan was given in:
A. Russian revolution
B. French revolution
C. Indian revolution
D. Industrial revolution(KRANIT)
Ans: B
5. Atmospheric Pressure depends on:
1. Height
2. Temperature
3. Rotation of earth on own axis
4. Gravitational force of earth
A. 1,2,3
B. 2.3
C. 1.2
Ans: A
6. Anta Gas Power Plant is run by:
A. Rajasthan Govt.
Ans: C
7. "Hinterland" is:
A. Place where bandits resides. 
B. Park for Animals
C. Area behind Port used for business
D. Place for peace and meditation in Asia.
Ans: C
8. First agriculture university of India was established at:
A. Jabalpur
B. Bikaner
C. Pantnagar
D. Anand
Ans: C
9. Book "Leelawati" is related to:
A. Astrology
B. Biology
C. Maths
D. Medicine
Ans: C
10. Gas used in Home Refrigerator for cooling is:
A. Neon
B. Amonia
C. Feon
D. Nitrogen
Ans: B
11.  Which tournament is related to football:
A. Ranji Trophy
B. Dilip trophy
C. Davis Cup
D. Santosh Trophy
Ans: D
12. Sun rises in Mid Night at:
A. North pole
B. South pole
C. Both Poles
D. Yuganda
Ans: A
13. Which metal is used in Bulb filament
A. Lead
B. Tanguston
C. Copper
D. Aluminium
Ans: B
14. Which state has highest waste Land (BANJAR BHOOMI):
A. Rajasthan
B.  Jammu and Kashmir
C. Gujarat
D Himachal Pradesh
Ans: B
15. First Padhashree Awarded woman actress is:
A. Madhubala
B. Nargis dutt
C. Meena kumari
D. Smita Patil
Ans: B
16. ABHINAV BHARAT organization was founded by:
A. Khudiram boss
B. VD Savarkar
C. Prafull chaki
D. Bhagat singh
Ans: B
17. Chitrakoot Waterfall is situated in:
A. Andhra Pradesh
B. Chhattisgarh
C. Karnataka
D. Uttrakhand
Ans: B
18. The word "GAMBIT" is related to:
A. Billiard
B. Chess
C. Swimming
D. Badminton
Ans: B
19. Rajasthan is highest producer of......in India:
A. Sugarcane
B. Wool
C. Cotton
D. Granite
Ans: B
20. State with highest Coal reserve in India:
A. Bihar
B. Chhattisgarh
C. Jharkhand
Ans: C
21. Which district of Rajasthan have Natural gas reserve:
A. Barmer
B. Jaisalmer
C. Dholpur
D. Banswara
Ans: B
22. Slogan VANDE MATARAM was used first time during:
A. 1857
B. 1905 Bengal seperation
C. 1922 Non-cooperation movement
D. 1942 Bharat chodo aandolan
Ans: B
23. Biggest Fresh water lake of world is:
A. Caspian sea
B. Victoria
C. Superior
D. Baikal
Ans: C
24. Deepest lake of world
A. Caspian sea
B. Victoria
C. Superior
D. Baikal
Ans: D
25. Cancer of Tropic Line (MAKAR REKHA) passes through:
A. Bihar
B. Gujarat
C. Manipur
D. Aasam


  1. in 11 question durand cup is also related with football....and santosh trophy too...then what is d right answer?

  2. @ Sandeep.. Thanks for correction...Santosh Trophy and Durand cup was related to Football..Now its corrected by Durand cup..Which belongs to Tennis..

    Thanks for suggestion/Corrections

    Team admin

  3. nice effort ...it gives immense pleasure...

  4. good effort bro....

  5. in 25 must be kark rekha

  6. I think neon is not rot ans....

  7. In question no. 10 as per options given there then answer will be freon because an hydrous of Amonia was used in early days when refrigerator was introduced, but in year 1930 it was stopped due to toxic effect, then Freon-12 was used till year 1994 but now this is also stopped due to it damages Ozone layer and from 1994 onwards R-134a (tetrafluoroethane) is in use. So as per question all option suppose to be worng, please update information if i am right. Thanx