Ergograph and Its uses

Ergograph: An ergograph is a graph that shows a relation between human activities, or agricultural/climate factors, and a seasonal year. The name was coined by Dr. Arthur Geddes of the University of Edinburgh. It can either be shown as rectangular graph, either a line graph or a bar graph.
This graph of the climate of Weymouth and the Isle of Portland over the cycle of the year is a cartesian form ergograph. In cartesian form, the X axis is marked for the months of the year, and the Y axis is marked with the scale(s) of the activity/activities. For example, in the erograph to the right, the Y axis is marked with both temperature and rainfall/sunshine scales.
Question asked in RAS Pre Exam 2008 - Geography
Ergograph relates to
(A) Relative humidity and rainfall
(B) Temperature and rainfall
(C) Climate and growing season of crops
(D) Rainfall and winds
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