Horticulture in Rajasthan

Horticulture in Rajasthan: Rajasthan with its huge geographical area of 342 lakhs ha. has attained the status of being largest state of India. The state represents 10.4% of the total land mass with 5.5% population of the country, but it has hardly 1% of total national water resources. As far as scenario of horticulture in Rajasthan is concerned, it is full of potential as the diverse agro-climatic conditions are very much favoring growing of large number of horticultural crops like fruits, vegetables, spices, flowers and medicinal & aromatic plants through out the year. 
Silent features of Horticulture in Rajasthan:
  • It is only 1989, when separate department of horticulture came into existence with ultimate objective of harnessing the potential of horticulture in the State in a systematic and planned manner so as to increase area, production and productivity of different horticultural crops and there by to improve nutritional as well as economic status of people of State. 
  • As a result during 2013-14, about 12.30 lakhs ha area is reported to be under horticultural crops against gross cropped area of 260 lakhs ha. 
  • This includes 0.39 lakh ha under fruit crops, 1.49 lakhs ha under vegetable crops 8.09  lakhs ha under spices crops, 0.03 lakh under flowers and 2.31 lakhs ha area under medicinal & aromatic crops which comes to about 4.73% of gross cropped area. 
  • As far as production of these crops is concerned, it is 6.45 lakhs MT in fruits,11.14, 6.69, 0.03 & 1.24 lakhs MT in vegetables, spices, flowers and medicinal & aromatic crops respectively.
  • Mango, Aonla, Pomegranate, Guava, Santra,Kinnu, Ber and Malta are the main horticulture fruits.
  • 90% nurseries are registered in the state. 142964 hectare drip are installed in the state up to 2014-15.
  • The fruit like Kinnow & Santra were exported to the countries Srilanka, England, Malaysia & Dubai similarly spices crops like Coriander & Ajwain including Cumin & Fenugreek were exported to the countries Srilanka & Dubai, respectively in addition to the above medicinal crops Sonamukhi, Mehandi, & Kalonji were exported to Dubai.
  • Rajasthan is First in Mehandi Production, First position in Coriander production in india for the year (2013-14)
  • Rajasthan is First in Isabgol production, Second in Cumin Production (2013-14)
  • Rajasthan is Third position in respect of Total Spices production for the year (2013-14)
  • Rajasthan is Fourth in Mandarin (Oranges) production and the production of the best quality of Kinnow.
  • The Horticultural Development Program have been expanded form 21 districts to cover all 33 districts with the help of Agriculture Extension workers.


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