Current Affairs: November 2012

Current Affairs Question November 2012: Current General Knowledge Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for RAS/ IAS/ Bank Jobs. Question of Rajasthan GK, India GK and World GK will be updated daily during whole month of November 2012. For Current Affairs Live Updates Follow us on FACEBOOK OR GOOGLE+
1. Digitization is Compulsory in Four Metros in India from ?
A. 1st November 2012
B. 30th October 2012
C. 30th November 2012
D. 31st December 2012Ans: A (Digitization is compulsory for TV in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata as per new Govt. norms from 31st October Midnight i.e. 1st November 2012).
2. Storm which hit East coast of USA on 30th October 2012 is ?
A. Neno
B. Sandy
C. Nilim
D. Seaboard
Ans: B

3. Cyclone which hit Tamilnadu coast on 31st October 2012 is ?
A. Neno
B. Sandy
C. Nilim
D. Seaboard
Ans: C

4. 43rd International Film Festival is Held in Nov. 2012 ? 
A. New Delhi
B. London
C. Mumbai
D. Goa
Ans: D
5. 66A of the IT Act is related to ?
A. Sending offensive messages through communication services
B. Copyright of Online content
C. Digitization in Metro Cities
D. Uses of IT Services in Rural India
Ans: A
6. 26/11 terrorist Ajmal Kasab hanged on 21st Nov. 2012, the Codeword for this is ?
A. Mission X
B. Project X
C. Mission Mumbai
D. Operation X
Ans: D
7. Prithvi-III Missible is ?
A. Surface to surface
B. Surface to air
C. Air to air
D. None of above
Ans: A
8. "Dhanush" which successfully test fired recently is ?
A. Nuclear capable Missille
B. Tank
C. Aircraft
D. War-ship
Ans: A
9. UN Biodiversity Meet (COP11) is held at ?
A. Delhi
B. London
C. Hyderabad
D. Bangalore
Ans: C (Conference of parties(COP) to the convention on Biological diversity(CBD) was held in Hyderabad, AP.
10. Sakartvelo is also known as ?
A. Georgia
B. Zimbambwe
C. Niger
D. Sudan
Ans: A
11. First woman Chief of African Union is ?
A. Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma
B. Kwame Nkrumah
C. Hugo chavez
D. Narodom Sihanouk
Ans: A (Nkosazana Clarice Dlamini-Zuma (born 27 January 1949) is a South African politician and former anti-apartheid activist. In January 2012, Dlamini-Zuma sought to become the Chairperson of the African Union Commission by running against incumbent Jean Ping. In the first election, a deadlock in the voting as a consequence of an inability to secure a two-thirds majority of the vote meant that Ping's term was extended by six months)

12. "Pathfinder" which was recently in news is ?
A. Mars Vehicle by US
B. NASA telescope
C. Australia's telescope
D. ISRO Image Satellite 
Ans: C
13. ITU Stands for:
A. Indian Telecom Unions
B. Iternational Telecommunication Union
C. International Tribe Union
D. Indo Tibet Unions
Ans: B
14. Hilary Mantel wins Man Booker Prize 2012 for her book ?
A. Bring up the bodies
B. White Tiger
C. Wolf-Hall
D. Act of faith
Ans: A
15. India ranked ------- in connectivity ?
A. 15th
B. 119th
C. 79th
D. 91th
Ans: B
16. Which country to set up chair in Banaras Hindu University (BHU) ?
A. Srilanka
B. Bhutan
C. China
D. Nepal
Ans: D
17.  Which country named "Most dangerous" country in the World ?
A. Pakistan
B. Iran
C. Iraq
D. Maxico
Ans: D
18. Which country to have "Bhagat Singh Chowk" ?
A. Bangladesh
C. Pakistan
D. Srilanka
And: C
19. Woman's T20 Asia cup is won by ?
A. India
B. China
C. Pakistan
D. Srilanka
Ans: A
20. World AIDS day is celebrated on ?
A. 1st December
B. 5th December
C. 15th December
D. 30th December
Ans: A


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