RAS Pre 2012 Computer Engineering Paper Solved

Rajasthan Adming Services (RAS) Exam Computer Engineering Question Paper Solved 2012:  RAS Pre Examination Computer Engineering Paper for Exam held on 14th July 2012 by RPSC Ajmer.  RAS Pre 2012 paper have total 100 Question, we are trying to provide maximum questions till if any suggestion/Correction requires Please share and Comment in COMMENT Section. For RAS Computer Papers 2003, 2007, 2010, 2012 with Sample Papers visit: RAS/RTS Papers 2003, 2007, 2010, 2012 for Computer Engineering. You can also check our all RAS GK,GS Previous years paper from 1991 to 2012. For more updates on RAS Exams follow us on Facebook or GOOGLE+.
1. In C Strings are stored in:
1) Linked-list of characters
2) Linked-list of unsigned characters
3) Array of characters
4) Array of Integers
Ans: 3
2. A is aary of Size mXn, stored in the row major order. If the address of the first element in the array is M, The address of the element A[i][j] will be(Assuming A[0]0[0] is the first element of the array and each element occupies one memory location:
1) M+(i-1)*m+j-1
2) M+i*m+j
3) M+(j-1)*n +i-1
4) M+i*n+j

3. A Dynamic data structure where search for desired records in O(long2 n) time is possible is:
1) Heap
2) Binary search tree
3) Circular Linked list
4) Array
4) In quicksort, the most desirable choice for the partitioning element will be ?
1) First element of the list
2) Last element of the list
3) Median of the list
4) A randomly chosen element of the list
5) The search algorithm which requires seach keys must be ordered is:
1) Enumerated data types
2) Unions
3) Pointers
4) Files
Ans: 3


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