Geography of World and India

Geography of World and India for RAS Exam: Geography of World and India is one of main 11 Topics in RAS Pre Examination as per RAS Exam New Pattern from 2013, RAS 2016 and so on. will cover Notes on all topics of RAS Pre, Mains for RAS and other competitive examinations. You can refer below Links for RAS Notes of "Geography of World and India" in coming days. 
  • World Geography:
  • Geography of India:
    • Broad physical features and Major physiographic divisions.
    • Agriculture and Agro based Activities.
    • Minerals – Iron, Manganese, Coal, Oil & Gas, Atomic minerals.
    • Major Industries and Industrial development.
    • Transportation– major transport corridors.
    • Natural Resources.
    • Environmental Problems and Ecological Issues.
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