Economic and Social Development in India - Objective Questions

Economic and Social Development in India based Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for RAS/RJS, IAS, Bank and State PSC Examinations:
1. First Census of India was held in year:
A. 1911
B. 1872
C. 1881
D. 1891
Ans: C Tips: The first Census of India was held in 1881 which was undertaken on 17th February, 1881 by W.C. Plowden, Census Commissioner of India.
2. Prasanta Chandra Mahalanobis is associated with:
A. Indian Institute of Technology(IIT), Kharagpur
B. Indian Statistical Institute(ISI), Kolkata
C. Delhi College of Engineering(DCE), Delhi
D. Indian Institute of Science(IISc), Bangalore
Ans: B Tips: Prasanta Chandra Mahalanobis(1893 -1972) was an Indian scientist and applied statistician. He is best remembered for the Mahalanobis distance, a statistical measure and played major role in 2nd Five year plan of India.
3. Which authority releases Coins in India:
C. Govt. of India
D. Currency Board.
Ans: C (Currency Notes are released by Reserve Bank of India(RBI) while Coins are released by Govt. of India).
4. International Monetary Fund (IMF) was established in year:
A. 1991
B. 1956
C. 1944
D. 1950
Ans: C (IMF was Adopted on July 22, 1944 while Entered into force on December 27, 1945)

5. IMF, World Bank was founded in Conference:
A. Bretton Woods Conference
B. 3rd World Summit
C. London World Conference
D. Washington Conference
Ans: A
6. World Trade Organization (WTO) Headquarter is:
A. New york
B. Geneva
C. London
D. Viena
Ans: B
7. Total Member of World Trade Organization(WTO) as on August 2012:
A. 146
B. 157
C. 151
D. 161
Ans: B
8. Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) was established in :
A. 1981
B. 1971
C. 1974
D. 1984
Ans: C
9. Great Leap Forward is related to:
A. Economic and social compaign in USA after 1933
B. Economic and social campaign of CPC in China
C. Rapid Economic Growth in India after 1991
D. India-US JV for Foreign trade in IT Industry
Ans: B
10. Biggest Coffey producing state of India:
A. Karnataka
B. Kerala
C. Tamilnadu
D. Assam
Ans: B
11. Which Indian Oraganization has Highest Employees
A. COAL India
B. Indian Army
C. BSNL India
D. Indian Railways
Ans: D (Coal India= 4 Lakh, Army-11 Lakh, BSNL=3 Lakh, Railway=15 Lakh)
12. BSE GREENEX Index has total companies:
A. 50
B. 100
C. 20
D. 40
Ans: C (BSE-GREENEX Index includes the top 20 companies which are good in terms of Carbon Emissions, Free-Float Market Capitalization and Turnover.)
13. Bhilai Steel Plant was established with help of:
A. Japan
D. Russia
Ans: D ( Bhilai steel plant was set up with the help of the Soviet Union/ Russia in 1955)
14. RBI was established in year:
A. 1945
B. 1935
C. 1950
D. 1956
Ans: B
15. Chairmen of Planning commission is:
A. Montek Singh Ahluvalia
B. P. Chidambaram
C. Manmohan Singh
D. Ranjan Mathai
Ans: C ( Chairmen of Planning commission is is Always PM of India)


  1. Please tell the correct answer for question no.3
    In options it is given as 'D',while in explanation part it has been told as 'Govt of India'.
    Thanks & Regards
    Anurag Agrawal

    1. @Anurag..u Are correct..Explanation is correct,

  2. The Reserve Bank of India was established on April 1, 1935 in accordance with the ... Board as members for a term of two years


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  4. 1st census of India is held in 1872....