RAS Paper 2008 Exam - General Knowledge

Rajasthan Administrative Services (RAS) 2008 G.K. and General Science paper conducted today on 7th January 7, 2009. For all Previous year RAS/RTS Papers(1991-2010) visit: RAS Exam Previous years Papers or You can follow us on FACEBOOK OR GOOGLE+
1. Minamata disease is caused by:
A. Mercury
B. Cadmium
C. Lead
D. Zinc
Ans: A
2. Govt. of rajasthan has constituted one organization to advise the govt. on reforms in economic matters is: 
A. Economic policy and reform counsel
B. Reform committee on economic policy
C. Council for economic reforms
D. Economic advisory committee:
Ans: A
3. Under which article of Indian constitution, it is the duty of the Union govt. to protect states against external aggression and internal disturbance: 
A. 355
B. 356
C. 352
D. 360
Ans: A
4. Which one of the following group of organism has significance in diagnosing the death by drowning: 
A. Lichens
B. Protozoa
C. Cyanobacteria
D. Diatoms
5. Heavy rainfall in pushkar, where does the flood occurs: 
A. Ajmer
B. Sawaimadhopur
C. Balotara
D. Sojat
Ans: C
6. On a specific day and time temp. was 48 degree C in churu and 24 C in Shimla, Two metallic cups identical in all respects contained water at 95 degree C in churu and 71 Degree  in shimla. Which one of these two cups reached room temp. first:
A. Cup in Churu
B. Cup in shimla
C. Both reached room temp. at same time
D. Data are not enough to find out results
Ans: C
7. Who won the Booker Prize 2008:
A. Arvind adiga
B. Aruna Roy
C. Rajendra Singh
D. Megha Patekar
Ans: A
8. The first woman four star genera in US military is:
Ans: Anne Dun Woody
9. Which one of the following acid is formed during the change of milk into curd
A. Acetic acid
B. Ascorbic Acid
C. Citric Acid
D. Lactic Acid
Ans: D
10. What is the height of Guru shikar peak in Rajasthan
A. 1722
B. 1724
C. 1750
D 1780 Meter
Ans: A (1722 Meters)
11. Kharia, Raswani, Shibhala and Udisbhar are:
A. Wines
B. Kuchamani Khyal actors
C. Villages in Barmer
D. Kota doriya sarees type
Ans: C
12. "Archaeopteryx" is connecting link between:
A. Amphibia and aves
B. Reptiles and aves
C. Reptiles and Mammals
D. Aves and Mammals
Ans: B

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