RPSC 2nd Grade GK Exam Paper, Answer Key, Cut-Off Marks

RPSC 2nd Grade GK Solved Question Paper, Answer Key, Possible Cut-Off Marks: RPSC, Ajmer Conducted 2nd Grade Teachers Examination Today, 26th April 2017 at various exam centers across Rajasthan. Here is RPSC IInd Grade General Knowledge (GK) Solved Exam Question Paper, Answer Key and Possible Cut-Off Marks for candidates.
RPSC 2nd Grade GK Exam Paper, Answer Key:
  • Which one of the following is not a cause of Desertification in Rajasthan ? - Solar Energy Production.
  • The length of International boundary of Rajasthan with Pakistan is ? - 1070 Km
  • Which of the following district of Rajasthan is having a common boundary with Madhya Pradesh?- Jhalawar
  • Plougher field has been found from ? - Kalibangan
  • Which of the following objects are not associated with the Ahar Culture sites? - Painted grey ware.
  • Somdeva author of LALIT-VAGRAHARAJ was at the court of which rular ? - Vigraharaj IV (Bisaldev)
  • Which of the following generals of Alauddin Khilji was killed during the attach on Ranthambhor in 1300 AD? - Nusrat Khan
  • Which of the following rulers of the Pratihar Dynasty of Mandor transferred his capital from Mandor to Merta ? - Nagbhatt I
  • Maharana Pratap made Chavand his capital. It remained the capital of Mewar till ? - 1615
  • When was dungarpur state prajamandal established? - 1944
  • Which of the following princely states were included into the Matsya Sangh? - Alwar, Bharatpur, Dhaulpur and Karauli
  • In 1947 AD veer bala kalibai was martyred in which Incident? - Rastpal Incident
  • With which sect were Garib Dasji, Sant dasji, Jagannathji, Madho dasji etc associated? - Dadu Sect
  • Who among the following was not related to Mahant Pyarelal Murder case? - Motilal Jalori
  • The temple of Shiladevi is located in which of the following fort? - Amber
  • The fort basanti was built by ? - Rana Kumbha
  • Sitaram, Badan singh and Nanak ram painters were associated with which of the school of painting? - Kishangarh School
  • The district in which famous Bhartihari fair is held ? - Alwar
  • Pabuji is believed to be an incarnation of ? - Lakshaman
  • Which of the following is not correctly matched ? - Gun Bhasha = Hem kavi
  • At which of the following place the main Urs of the Bohara community is held ? - Dargah of Baba Fakhruddin at Galiyakot
  • In which month is the festival of Kajri Teej - also called satudi Teej celebrated? - Bahdrapad / Bhadon
  • Rajasthan state finance commission for Panchayats is mentioned under which article of the constitution ? - Article 243-I
  • The chairman of RPSC may be suspended ? - by the governor of Rajasthan
  • Madliya is worn ? - on the Neck
  • Which one of the following is NOT vested in the governor of Rajasthan ? -  To Adjourn the Legislative Assembly
  • Among the following, who was the First chief secretary of Rajasthan ? - K. Radhakrishnan
  • Departments located in the state secretariat in Rajasthan are termed as ? - Administrative Departments
  • Which Amendment act of Constitution of India limits the size of council of Ministers in Rajasthan ? - The constitution (91st Amendment) Act 2003.
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