Indian Geography Quiz with Answers

Indian Geography Quiz: Multiple choice questions (MCQs) based on Indian Geography asked in various examinations like RAS, IAS, IES, IRS and SSC conducted by RPSC, UPSC and other state level PSCs. Here is collection of top 40 Frequently asked Questions from Indian Geography in various examinations.
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1. Which one among the following is a major Tobaco-growing state ? 
A. Andhra Pradesh
B. Chhattisgarh
C. Kerala
D. Madhya Pradesh
Ans: A
2. Next to Hindi, the largest speaking language in India is: 
A. Bangla
B. Marathi
C. Urdu
D. Telugu
Ans: A Tips: Some of major language in India are:
Hindi = 39.9%
Marathi = 7.4%
Tamil = 6.2%
Urdu = 5%
3. The State/UT having lowest Sex ration in India is: 
A. Haryana
B. Delhi
C. Dadra & Nagar Haveli
D. Daman and Diu
Ans: D
4. Which one of the following is the first state to have fully privatized its power distribution network ?
A. Maharashtra
B. Rajasthan
C. Orrisa
D. West Bengal
Ans: A
5. Which one of the followin layers of the Atmosphere contains Water vapour and dust particles ?
A. Inosphere
B. Mesosphere
C. Stratosphere
D. Troposphere
Ans: D
6. Very high grade iron ore found in India is limited and restricted mainly to:
A. Anantpur district of AP
B. Degana in Rajasthan
C. Hospet area of Karnataka
D. Bailadila Mines of MP
Ans: C
7. Which one of the followin states has the worlds largest fresh water island ?
B. Karnataka
C. Bihar
D. Assam
Ans: D
8. The timber of which one of the following tree is used for making cricket bats?
A. Deodar
B. Teak
C. Sal
D. Willow
Ans: D
9. Consider the following crops:
1. Cotoon, 2. Groundnut, 3. Rice  4. Wheat
Which of these are Kharif Crops ?
A. 1 and 4
B. 2 and 3
C. 1,2, and 3
D. 3 and 4
Ans: C
10. The second largest river basin in India is that of :
A. Mahanadi
B. Godawari
C. Narmada
D. Krishna
Ans: B
11. Which of the following town is located eastern most ?
A. Bokaro
B. Jamshedpur
C. Patna
D. Ranchi
Ans: B
12. Which of the following statement is NOT Correct ?
A. Black cotton soil of North-west india was formed by the weathering of basaltic lava rocks
B. Sedimentary rocks are distinguished from other types f rocks by the presence of distinct layers
C. Graphite has large crystals of quartz, feldspar and mica in it
D. A metamorphic rock is softer and less compact that its original type
Ans: D
13. Of the following four periods which one corresponds with the withdrawal of south-west mansoon in most of the Northern India ?
A. June to sept.
B. October to November
C. December to March
D. April to May
Ans: B
14. Which of the following city do not have refinery ?
A. Chennai
B. Kochi
C. Mangalore
D. Bangalore
Ans: D
15. Tyanyang Gyastso biosphere reserve is located in:
A. Arunachal Pradesh
B. Assam
C. Mizoram
D. Sikkim
Ans: A
16. Which one of the following pair is not correctly Matched:
A. Miri Hills - Arunachal Pradesh
B. Mikir Hills - Assam
C. Lushai Hills - Mizoram
D. Abor hills - Tripura
Ans: D
17. Which one of the following Indian states does not share border with Bhutan
A. Sikkim
B. Meghalaya
C. West Bengal
D. Arunachal Pradesh
Ans: B
18. Indian railways factory - Diesel Component Works(DCW) is located at:
A. Varanasi
B. Perambur
C. Patiala
D. Kapurthala
Ans: C
19. Natural habitat of a species of Monkey called lion tailed macaque is:
A. Garo Hills
B. Kullu Valley
C. Nallmalai Hills
D. Silent Valley
Ans: D Tips: Lion-tailed macaque is an Old World monkey endemic to the Western Ghats of South India. A recent assessment for IUCN reports 3000-3500 of these animals live scattered over several areas in Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. From 1977 to 1980, public concern about the endanged status of lion-tailed macaque became the focal point of Save Silent Valley, India's fiercest environmental debate of the decade. From 1993 to 1996, 14 troops were observed in Silent Valley National Park, Kerala, one of the most undisturbed viable habitats left for them.
20. The water of which one of the following lakes is used for producing salt ?
A. Barapani
B. Kolleru
C. Lagtak
D. Sambhar
Ans: D
21. Which one of the following rivers originates in Brahmagiri range of western Ghats ?
A. Penneru
B. Kaveri
C. Krishna
D. Tapti
Ans: B
22. To port blair which one of the following cities is geographically nearest ?
A. Kolkata
B. Singapore
C. Kuala lumpur
D. Yangon
Ans: D
23. Among the following states which one does not have any significant coal resources
A. Bihar
B. Andhra Pradesh
C. Chhattisgarh
D. Maharashtra
Ans: A
24. Retreating mansoon causes sporadic ranfall in which one of the following areas ?
A. Coast of North Maharashtra
B. Northern Chhattisgarh
C. Malwa Plateau, Vidharbha region
D. Coast of Tamilnadu
Ans: D
25. Which one of the following pairs of National Highways crosses Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Maharashtra ?
A. NH-4, NH-6
B. NH-5, NH-7
C. NH-6, NH-7
D. NH-7, NH-9
Ans: D
26. Baglihar Hydropower Project is located on which one of the following rivers ?
A. Beas
B. Chenab
C. Ravi
D. Sutlej
Ans: B
27. Who among the following tribes live in the UT of Andaman and Nicobar Island ?
A. Apatani
B. Jarawa
C. Munda
D. Santhal
Ans: B
28. How many India states border Myanmar ?
A. 3
B. 4
C. 5
D. 6
Ans: B
29. Which among the following are the southern-most hills ?
A. Cardamom Hills
B. Javadi Hills
C. Nallamalai Hills
D. Nilgiri Hills
Ans: A
30. Which among the following is the western-most city ?
A. Delhi
B. Jhansi
C. Gwalior
D. Agra
Ans: A
31. Which one of the following rivers does Chambal river merge ?
A. Banas
B. Narmada
C. Ganga
D. Yamuna
Ans: D
32. Indus river originates in?
A. Kinnur
B. Ladakh
C. Nepal
D. Tibet
Ans: D
33. Nandadevi park is located in:
A. Himachal Pradesh
B. Uttrakhand
C. Jammu & Kashmir
D. Sikkim
Ans: B
34. Gandhi Sagar Reservoir is of the river ?
A. Chambal
B. Narmada
C. Rihand
D. Sutlej
Ans: A
35. Which one of the following district is well known for the cultivation of coffee ?
A. Balasore
B. Chikmagalur
C. Solapur
D. Guntur
Ans: B
36. For which spice is Kashmir famous? 
A. Cinnamon
B. Cloves
C. Saffron Right!
D. Black Pepper
Ans: C
37. Which city of India stands on the River Hooghly? 

A. Kolkata (Calcutta)
B. Ahmedabad
C. Agra
D. Lucknow
Ans: A
38. Larget capacity Solar power plant of India is:
A. Dhirubhai Ambani Solar Park, Rajasthan
B. Chranka Solar Park, Gujarat
C.Bitta Solar Power Plant, Gujarat
D. Mahindra & Mahindra Solar Plant, Rajasthan
Ans: B Tips: Chranka Solar Park is the largest site built on a 2,000 ha plot of land near Charanka village in Patan district, Gujarat. This hosts about 17 different projects by different developers. On 19th April 2012, 214 MW had been commissioned. It also became the world's largest photovoltaic power station. When fully built out, the Charanka Solar Park will host 500 MW of solar power.
39. Mangala, Bhagyam and Aishwariya are:
A. Bollywood Actress
B. Diamond Mines in MP
C. Oil fields in Rajasthan
D. Iron Ore Mines in Jharkhand
Ans: C
40. Anta Power plant in Rajasthan by NTPC is based on:
A. Coal
B. Gas
C. Hydro
D. Solar
Ans: B

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  1. ques. no 38 correct answer is A dhirubhai ambani solar park, rajasthan.