Rajendra Singh - Pani wale baba or Johadwala Baba of Rajasthan

Rajendra Singh known as wale baba or Johadwala Baba is a winner of 2001 Ramon Magsaysay Award For Community leadership. He leads an organization, Tarun Bhagat Sangh, which is supported by the United Nations, USIAD, and the World bank. He was highly appreciated and recognized for the efforts he made for harvesting rain water water by building check dams in Rajasthan. It is because of this he is popularly known as the 'Jal Pusush' or the 'Water man of Rajasthan'
Rajendra Singh Since 1985, Tarun Bhagat Sangh, headed by Rajendra Singh have been working in the Alwar district of Rajasthan, focusing on the revival of Johads, streams and rivers in the area. They were of the opinion that without water in region no other significant development could take place. And with the successful implementation of the programme and with the total dedication of all the team members along with the cooperation of the villagers, today more than 4,500 working Johads dot Alwar and surrounding districts. (Johad is concave structure which collects and store water throughout the year. It is used for the drinking purpose by humans and cattle).


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